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Pillow buying guide

Your pillow is just as important as your mattress for a restful night; not only does it provide comfort as you sleep, the right pillow can limit dust allergies and give your back and neck increased support, alleviating many forms of pain and discomfort throughout the body.

Pillows come in all shapes and sizes; from natural to synthetic and square to bolster; it's important to find the right style for you. This pillow buying guide will take you through our wide range of pillows to help you choose the best shape and filling to support you and your family as you sleep.

Do you need a new pillow?

Pillows have a much shorter life span than duvets or mattresses. Not only do our heads mis-shape and flatten the filling over time; external moisture, allergens and dirt from the body and face will build-up over time creating an increasingly unhygienic environment.

You should be looking to replace your pillow every 2 to 4 years on average – here are some signs to look out for to know if it's time for you.

Sneezing, runny or blocked nose

Even without specific allergies; dust mites can affect us all and as they build up in our pillows, they pose a greater risk to our health. Brand new pillows are dust mite free, and anti-allergen fillings will help prevent bacteria and dust mite build-up.


Our bodies lose around a pint of sweat each night as we sleep, which can lead to an accumulation of bacteria growing in and around your pillow's filling. Look for stains or yellowing of the cover that standard hot washes do not remove.

Neck and back ache

Waking up with pain in your neck and shoulders could be a sign that your pillow has lost its support, or you are using the wrong pillow for your preferred sleeping position.

How do you sleep?

The best pillow for you will depend on your favourite sleeping position; choose between firm, soft or combination filling to help align your spine as you get lie down and comfortable.

Firm pillow: ideal for those that sleep on their side, our firm pillows with synthetic fillings provide the right height and support for the neck and head, keeping the back correctly aligned.

Medium pillow: gentle support as you sleep on your back, our medium pillows consist of a feather and down mix or medium polyester; supporting the head and keeping the natural curve in the spine.

Soft pillow: additional comfort for sleeping on your front, our soft pillows will be filled with goose or duck down or a low-fill feather and down mix; gentle support for the body, keeping the spine in its natural position.

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Pillow fillings

synthetic pillow

Synthetic pillows

Ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers; synthetic pillows are most commonly made from polyester and polypropylene which protect against bacteria, dust mites and fungal growth. Not only are synthetic pillows lighter and more affordable, hollowfibre and microfibre weave fillings replicate natural materials to trap warmth without losing the ability to be washed frequently, making them extremely easy to care for.

memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillows

Highly recommended by Osteopaths and Chiropractors around the world; memory foam pillows come with temperature sensitive, antibacterial elastic foam to mould to the individual shape of your head and keep it supported throughout the night.

feather pillow

Feather and down pillows

Natural fillings from duck and goose feather and down provide comfort as well as adjustability, letting your skin breathe as you sleep. The filling will remain soft throughout use and continue to support the head and spine as needed. We have feather pillows, down pillows and feather and down pillows for sale to suit all preferences; feather pillows will be more affordable, with a more substantial fill and down is warmer with a softer, lighter fill. We find a mixture of the two will meet the needs of most customers, however feathers and down are not always suitable for those suffering with allergies.

Pillow shapes & sizes

From standard bedroom pillows to orthopaedic bolster; comfort and support pillows come in different shapes and dimensions to suit your needs. At larger sizes to support the back and neck, square and bolster pillows are designed to relieve strain and provide comfort along with larger V shaped pillows to help expecting mothers and new born babies

To help you find the best pillow for you and your family, please see our size chart below for approximate measurements of our standard pillows and support pillow range.

pillow size guide

Nursery & pregnancy pillows

You and your baby will need added support in the early stages of pregnancy and child development. Nursing V shaped pillows and cot bed pillows are perfect for both bump and baby; protecting against allergens and providing relief for pressure points in nursing mothers.

V Shaped

Designed to provide the ultimate bolster pillow support and comfort for everyday use, V shaped support pillows are widely used by pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly to relieve aches and pains whilst supporting the head, back and neck. The versatile shape creates an ergonomic cushioning in a bed or chair to improve posture and add comfort.

vshape pregnancy pillow

Nursery pillows

Cot bed pillows are designed to offer security and warmth to your toddler as they sleep; created with synthetic non-allergenic hollowfibre and anti-bacterial filling, you can protect your child from allergens and fungal growth with wipe clean and machine washable fabrics. Please note these pillows are not to be used for children under 12 months.

nursery pillows

Caring for your pillow

It's important you take care of your pillow to make the most of its support and increase its overall life span. Pillow protectors are vital to lower the risk of external sweat and bacteria reaching the filling, they can also help the pillow retain its shape.

Most pillows are able to be machine washed; however, natural and synthetic pillows can come with different care instructions so always check the label. Feather and down pillows should be dried using a tumble dryer or air cycle, as any damp areas will lead to mould. Synthetic pillows don't always react well to hot air in the dryer so try adding dry, thick towels with them to absorb extra moisture in the machine.

Clean pillow cases are not just for decoration, they'll help protect your pillow from natural oils and hold their original form; changing the bed sheets once or twice a week will help maintain the right level of hygiene and loft. An extra tip for longevity - keep fluffing up your pillows after each night's sleep – this will help redistribute the filling and prevent the build-up of dust and allergens.

cot pillow protectors

hollowfibre pillow protector

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