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Curtains, Blinds & Accessories

Curtains and blinds are an essential part of any home. They provide both style and privacy while allowing you to block out the sun’s rays, or the harsh light of street lamps. Whether you're looking for blackout curtains or roller blinds, find an array of fabrics, hardware and accessories to choose from at Linens Limited. Here are some of the most popular curtains and blinds as well as curtain pole accessories that you should consider when shopping for your next curtains or blinds solution.

A blackout curtain or blind is a great choice if you're looking for complete darkness in your room. They block out all light so you can rest comfortably without interruption. Blackout curtains come in a variety of styles including sheer and lined versions that provide a more ergonomic look than traditional heavy fabrics.

No curtains or blinds are complete without the proper hardware to hang them up. Curtain poles come in a range of materials such as wood, metal and plastic so you can find one that fits your decor perfectly. To really make your curtains stand out, consider using decorative tie backs, hooks or decorative end stops to give them an extra touch of sophistication.

Door curtains and panel curtains are perfect for covering wider spaces such as entryways, patio doors or sliding glass doors. They often come with their own track systems which make setup quick and easy - no need to purchase additional hardware! Our door curtain designs are light, meaning you can still have easy access to your rooms while providing just enough sunlight during warmer seasons.

Roller blinds are another popular option for blocking out light and added privacy indoors, especially in bedrooms or bathrooms where extra privacy is desired. Window blinds offer more control over the amount of light entering the room but may require additional measurements depending on the size of your window openings.

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Shop online for wooden blinds, roller blinds or venetian blinds to name a few; choose from a wide selection of styles and sizes that can easily be designed and fitted to any window frame. Buy blinds with colourful designs or finishes that sit beautifully within your home whilst continuing to protect against temperature changes and direct sunlight.

For a more elegant solution; dress your windows in beautiful, modern fabrics with a variety of shapes and styles to suit your home. Buy voile and net curtains, eyelet curtains or door and tab top curtains from big name brands such as Catherine Lansfield, Emma Barclay and Dreams ‘N’ Drapes. Whether you need added decoration or practical protection from UV rays, we have curtains at great value made from long lasting, machine washable fabrics – suitable for every room of your home.

Shop curtain accessories online with Linens Limited, we sell curtain tracks, curtain poles and curtain holdbacks amongst hundreds of other solutions for your new or existing curtains. Find additional curtain hooks, draw rods and tension rods in stock at affordable prices to give your old curtains a new lease of life or offer a brilliant solution for fitting new curtains and voiles around the home. 

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