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Synthetic Pillows

Here at Linens Limited we stock a wide range of synthetic pillows with different options in fabrics and fillings. If you are allergic to feather and down pillows, or perhaps you just prefer the wider range of synthetic fabrics; you can choose from hollowfibre, microfibre, anti-allergy or hypoallergenic pillows in a variety of sizes and cotton finishes. 

24 Items
24 Items

Our hollowfibre non-allergenic pillows have been created to give protection against bacteria, dust mites and fungal growth which helps allergy sufferers have a restful night’s sleep – they also come in a range of sizes such as cot bed and all the standard mattress sizes to suit your home. We offer extra fill pillow options for a medium to firm filling for all sleeping preferences, and we supply packs of 4 so you can complete your bedroom set up with one just one order.

Our own Linens Limited value range has Polypropylene fabric and Polyester Hollowfibre pillows, the perfect solution for low cost bedding offering comfort and support for all the family at discount prices. These fabrics protect from allergies such as asthma and eczema and can be machine and hand washed with ease.

If you regularly have guests staying with you, hotel pillows is a term often used for pillows with filling that can offer versatility to all different types of sleepers. Our own Linens Limited luxury hotel style percale pillow comes with spiral bounce fibres that provide comfort and support. We also stock a luxury spiral fibre orthopaedic pillow made with non-allergenic filling and spiral bounce fabric for the ultimate support.

Our pocket pillow is carefully produced with a microfibre filling and a pocket construction finish - to keep all the filling in place throughout the night and throughout its use for everlasting comfort. Buy the pillow you need with us today, if you have any questions about your purchase our team will be able to assist.

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