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Feather Pillows

Here at Linens Limited we only stock the best feather pillows in the UK for the ultimate bedroom comfort. We have a selection of luxury feather pillows for sale that come with 100% natural feather filling to give a more supportive structure, that will mould perfectly to your head as you sleep. Buy duck feather pillows, goose feather pillows and our own branded feather and fibre 2-in-1 pillows with reversible sides to suit both preferences at discount prices. 

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Our 2-in-1 fibre and feather pillows come in several cotton fabric covers and shapes; the softer side is filled with a fibre filling providing a soft bounce whilst the firmer side is filled with goose and duck feather for added support. Shop for quilted percale and box support shape pillows – the box support pillow is filled with the same feather filling but shaped with a square pillow design that will support your head and neck throughout the night, reducing aches and pains.

We sell packs of 4 in our own brand Linens Limited feather pillows all at great prices so you can complete your bedding collection with just one order online today. We provide user information and advice for caring and washing feather pillows over the years, however all of our natural pillows contain high quality fillings that have been washed, sterilised and steam purified to the European Feather & Down Associations highest standards before they come to us - which makes them extra safe and hypoallergenic.

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