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Towel Bales, Sets & Bundles

Towels are an essential part of any bathroom and can complete the overall look as well as providing necessary function. While most of us know how to buy individual pieces like basic face cloths or plain bath towels, if you want something with a bit more style then consider looking into towel bales, sets and bundles.

Purchasing bath towel bales is a convenient way to get everything you need in order to refresh your bathroom without having to shop around for each item separately. In the UK, these can include eight to ten pieces which may include hand towels, bath towels and washcloths in different sizes and textures. Browse our store for the different types of cotton, such as Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton for luxury towels on a budget.

Individual towel sets normally contain two to four items such as hand towels, face cloths and bath sheets - ideal if you're looking at refreshing your existing towels with matching designs. For the best absorption, we only sell towels made from 100% cotton.

Similar to bales, towel bundles can come in both standard or luxury versions. However, unlike the former, bundles often include several of the same type of towel, like two bath towels instead of a hand towel and a washcloth. If you need multiple towels for your family, a towel bundle may be the best option for you!

When shopping for bales, make sure you get the right selection of face cloths and large bath towels - different bales come with different types of towels, and the selection at Linens Limited offers those of all sizes and functions.

Luxury towel bales made from Egyptian cotton not only come with higher quality materials but also decorative features weaves and embroideries. See our selection of luxury towel bales and luxury bath towel sets for extra softness or contemporary patterns for a modern look. By shopping at Linens, you can enjoy great savings on luxury bathroom items.

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Our own Linens Limited brand brings spa and hotel luxury straight to your home with our quality Egyptian cotton towel bale range. Created in 100% Egyptian cotton and woven to a five-star standard, this method gives a super soft finish and long lasting durability and absorbency – the 600 gsm adds weight without losing any of the design. You can even combine with one of our super soft bath robes for added bath time comfort for the whole family.

The diverse variety of colours available also makes it easy to coordinate with existing décor and create a complementing colour palette throughout your bathroom and home. Why not match your towel bale with items from our range of bathroom accessories for a complete look that is sure to impress both family and friends?

Just like our individual towels we have sizes ranging from everyday face towels and hand towels to luxuriously large bath towels and bath sheets, so every towel bundle is sure to meet all your bath time needs. Additionally, we stock trusted big name brands such as Bianca, Catherine Lansfield and Hardwoods, so you can rely on all our towel sets to offer long lasting quality. Luxurious and hardwearing towel sets are ideal for busy households or lots of guests.

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