What Size Curtains Do I Need?

What size curtain you need will depend on the size of your window and what you want your curtains to look like. You need to know how long you want your curtains to be, so you know where to measure from. It is easier to install a curtain pole before choosing your curtains.

The best way to find out what size curtains you need is by taking accurate measurements. You should measure your window width and the height you want your curtains. You also need to choose how many panels you want for your window. Keep reading to find out what size curtains do I need.

What size curtains do I need?

To understand what size curtains you need, you must make the correct measurements. It helps if you already have a curtain pole or track attached to your window. This gives you more accurate measurements. It can be easier to measure with 2 people and you should use a tape measure.

When you have accurate measurements, you can find curtains that suit the length and width of your window. With premade curtains, you cannot always get an exact match to your window. It is usually better to size up and have a little excess curtain. This prevents you from having curtains that do not fit the window properly.

As most curtains are pulled back during the day, you will barely be able to tell if the curtains are slightly bigger than the window. To find out what size curtains you need you should choose the length you want your curtains to hang. You can then measure your window and decide how many panels to hang.

How to measure correctly for curtains

There are 3 steps to follow when finding out what size curtains you need. Firstly, you need to choose what length you want your curtains. This depends on your preferences, as well as your window length. You want your curtains to either hang at the window sill, just below it or on the floor.

You can then measure from the height you would like your curtains to sit to where the curtain pole or track hangs. If you are measuring curtains to hang just below the floor, you should take away 1 cm to create a cleaner look. This will make sure your curtains sit properly rather than getting stuck on the floor.

If you do not have a curtain pole yet, it is easier to get one before choosing your curtains. You can also measure from where you want your curtain pole to be, but this may be less accurate. The second stage in measuring for curtains is measuring the width of your window. This should include the curtain pole.

For those who do not have a curtain pole, add 15 cm on either side, as curtain poles are usually longer than the window. Measuring from the curtain pole will make sure your curtains hang beautifully and create a wave. When choosing your curtain size, this should be 1.5 to 2 times the measurement you got from your window width. For example, if your window width was 100 cm, you should get curtains that measure 150 or 200 cm wide.

The last step in measuring for curtains correctly is choosing how many panels you want. This means how many curtains you want to hang from your pole. Many people choose a pair of curtains, but you can also have 1 curtain. This means if you want a pair of curtains, you need to divide the curtain width by 2.

Where to get the right size curtains from

Linens Limited have a range of premade curtains that fit most windows. This will depend on how wide your window is and how low you want your curtains. We have different coloured curtains and assorted styles.

As well as curtains, we have everything you need to keep your curtains in place. We have curtain poles and curtain tracks to attach your curtains to your wall. We also have curtain hooks that can be used to hang your curtains from their pole. You can also take a look at our curtain buying guide.

We have curtains in several different fabrics, such as cotton and velvet. Once you have measured your window and curtain pole, you can search our store for the correct sized curtains. When using premade curtains, it is always better to go with curtains that are slightly bigger than what you measured.

To find out what size curtains you need, you should take the correct measurements. This means choosing the height of your curtains and measuring the width starting from the curtain pole. Once you have calculated the height and width, you can choose how many panels you want. You can find a range of stylish curtains in different sizes at Linens Limited.

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