How to get creases out of curtains

Over time, curtains can become wrinkled and creased due to everyday use. While you may think washing your curtains creates more stubborn wrinkles, this can actually help to remove them.

There are a number of ways to remove wrinkles from curtains which may also bring the added benefit of cleaning them in the process. Linens Limited have written this guide to explain the different methods for removing creases from curtains so you can keep your furnishings fresh, elegant, and crease-free.


One of the more obvious methods for removing creases from your curtains is to iron them. Ironing your curtains on a low heat setting may remove some of the obvious creases, but you may find that this does not work for more persistent creases, and continued application of the iron could cause damage to the curtains.

To avoid damaging your curtains and to remove stubborn creases, place a cloth under your iron as you iron them. By doing this, you may also be able to use a higher heat setting, but you should only do this if you need to.

Alternatively, gently apply water to the curtains using a spray bottle and then iron.

Fabric steamer

Using a dedicated fabric steamer can be more effective than ironing curtains, but may require you to spend money on a fabric steamer device, if you do not already have one.

Once steamed, hang your curtains back on the curtain rod and to dry. Then, to remove wrinkles, gently move the fabric steamer up the curtains from the bottom and then down again, repeating the process across the whole curtain set. Do not hold the steam nozzle directly against the curtains as this may cause damage. You can steam the curtains from the other side to remove any remaining wrinkles.

Using a fabric steamer is the most reliable way to remove creases from curtains.

Wash cycle and tumble dry

When you wash your curtains, you can avoid wrinkled curtains by using a gentle fabric softener and keeping cycles short. Add your curtains to a tumble dryer with a small, wet towel and set the dryer to a permanent press cycle. You can also do this without washing your curtains first.

Wrinkle release spray

A wrinkle release spray product can remove lighter wrinkles but may struggle with more prominent ones. To use, apply the spray in a light coat to the hanging curtains and leave for 24 hours. If the curtains are still wrinkled, repeat the process.

Wrinkle-release spray is not likely to cause damage to your curtains, but certain delicate materials, such as silk, may not work as well with the spray.

Why do curtains become wrinkled?

Curtains and other linens often become wrinkled due to use or neglect. Curtains are often left drawn back, can get stuck on furniture or are in contact with a radiator, therefore leading to creasing. Creasing can also be caused by washing in the wrong way. Make sure to follow the above advice to reduce the chances of wrinkling during the washing and drying process.

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