Duvet Tog Guide (UK)

One of the most important considerations you should make when deciding to buy a new duvet is the tog rating. However, many people do not know what the tog numbers actually mean and end up buying the wrong sort of duvet for their needs. 

Here, Linens Limited takes a look through the different tog ratings for duvets and what that means for your night’s sleep. 

What is tog? 

The amount of heat retained by a duvet is indicated by its tog rating. In essence, it’s a gauge for how warm you’ll stay through the night.

Tog ratings for duvets range from one to 15. The better the heat retention, the higher the tog, if you choose a higher grade, you’ll be much warmer. Tog 10.5 is the most typical tog found in Europe, and this type of duvet is frequently worn all year round. Some, however, will alter their tog based on a variety of different considerations, including the season, the size of the bed, and the age of the person using it.

Duvet togs explained 

There are many duvet tog sizes available and each one offers a varied level of warmth, making them better suited for certain seasons. The following bedding is appropriate for each season:

  • Good for warmer days, especially in the summer, is 1-4.5 tog.
  • Ideal for the midway seasons, like fall and spring, is 7-10.5 tog.
  • Appropriate for chilly winter nights is 12-15 tog.
  • If you want some flexibility, a 10.5 tog duvet is a wonderful all-season option.

You might require more than one duvet and switch at different seasons of the year if you’re sensitive to heat or cold. A 10.5 tog duvet is thought of as a decent all-arounder that may be used all year long if you’re less sensitive and only want one duvet.

Duvet togs for different ages

The age of the individual using the bed has a small impact on the tog grade you select. When an adult uses a duvet, its tog rating may be a matter of personal preference but, for younger ones, it may be more important to their health and safety. 

Low tog ratings are necessary for younger children. Little children typically have smaller frames, thus a heavy duvet’s size might easily overwhelm them, causing them to overheat. Aim for a tog rating that is less than 10.5 if you are buying bedding for a child.

For similar reasons, choose a small duvet or blanket with a tog rating of around 4 for infants and toddlers, as this will be best for their heat-regulating abilities.

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