What is a Fitted Sheet?

To ensure you keep a neat aesthetic while also getting a great night’s sleep, it pays to understand what sets a fitted bed sheet apart from flat sheets. In the following guide, we explore the unique benefits of fitted bed sheets and discuss how you can use them with other pieces of bedding to create a restful and neat sleeping space.

What are fitted sheets and how do they differ from flat sheets?

Fitted sheets are specifically designed to fit around the corners and sides of a mattress. They are cut differently than flat sheets, so that the elastic lining at the edge keeps them firmly in place without any material bunching up. Unlike flat sheets, which lay on top of your mattress and require tucking in by the corners for a secure fit, fitted sheets wrap snugly around your mattress – prevents sheets from shifting as you move around in your sleep.

What are the benefits of owning a fitted sheet?

Using fitted sheets is the perfect way to ensure the neat appearance of your bedding. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing – with no excess or extra fabric drooping over the edges of your mattress – they also provide practical benefits. By having a snug fit on your mattress, you can eliminate corner gaps where dust could accumulate.

Furthermore, having a fitted sheet makes changing your bedding easier. Their elasticised corners allow for easy installation as you do not have to worry about them coming untucked. To remove them, simply pull them out from the corners of your mattress.

How to buy the right fitted sheet for your bed – tips on size, material and colour

The most important considerations when choosing a fitted sheet are size and material. First, measure your mattress when selecting a fitted sheet to ensure you get the correct size. A fitted sheet for the wrong size bed will cause noticeable bunches in the centre of the bed, as they are designed specifically to match UK mattresses. If you have a three-quarter bed, you will need to buy a fitted sheet made for a three quarter mattress – a double sheet will not do! 

Additionally, if you have a mattress topper that increases the depth of your mattress, you will need to measure how much this adds on to the top of your bed and make sure you get a deep fitted sheet that will account for this.

Decide on the right fabric: cotton is usually soft, durable and breathable whilst silk is luxurious but expensive. Cotton-polyester blends are more affordable but may not last as long as 100% cotton sheets.

When choosing a colour for your fitted sheet, make sure it fits in with the other styles in your room, including your duvet and pillow covers:

Creative ideas for decorating with fitted sheets – matching patterns or contrasting colours

Choosing the right design for your fitted sheets can help you create a look for your bedroom that suits your preferences or those of your guests. For a more subtle, cohesive appearance, try matching colour through the use of similar tones or complementary shades to those of your duvet cover. Alternatively, use contrasting colours to achieve a bolder look.

How to take care of your fitted sheets

Taking care of your fitted sheets is essential to maintaining their longevity and quality. Proper wash and dry instructions must be followed in order to avoid any damage to the fabric or elastic bands, and shrinking them in the wash can make them difficult to get onto the mattress – or impossible if they shrink a lot!

For the best results, wash the sheets separately from other clothing items, preferably with a mild detergent. Warm water is the most effective choice for killing germs, but going too hot can result in shrinking. For high-quality sheets, you may want to wash them on a cooler temperature to keep them in good condition.

Hang your fitted sheet on a line or clothes horse rather than tumble drying, which may cause damage to elastic corners. If you want to iron your sheets, this should always be done on a low temperature setting to avoid damage. Following these few steps will keep your fitted sheets clean and functional!

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, fitted sheets are a great solution for sleepers who need maximum comfort. For a wide range of affordable luxury fitted sheets suitable for a variety of mattress sizes, visit our fitted sheets store page today.

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