Top TikTok Spring Cleaning and Organisation Hacks

As TikTok continues to rise in popularity, particularly throughout lockdown; we wanted to look at some of the top spring cleaning hacks featured on the app. 

Spring is the perfect time to reorganise your home, declutter and also carry out a deep clean. Wondering where to start? Here are some top tips from some of the biggest TikTok ‘cleaning influencers’. 

Laundry Stripping 

When it comes to keeping your bed sheets clean and germ-free, most people just remove their bedding and pop it into the washing machine, but not on TikTok! 

One of the most viral cleaning hacks of this year is laundry stripping, which involves people leaving their bedding, clothing and any other soft-furnishing items in a bath-full of detergent to remove dirt and bacteria. The result is usually super clean sheets and a not so clean bath.. 

Try this hack with your towels, pillows and any other items you wish to give a deep clean! 


Bed Making Hacks 

Making your bed can require a lot of effort and energy, so we’re always open to anything that speeds up and simplifies this process. While TikTok is home to many cleaning hacks, it also provides some useful content to help you change your bed sheets in minimal time. 

@_forthehome shared a TikTok that went viral showing how you can change your duvet cover in just a few minutes. Follow the below steps to try it for yourself. 

Step one: Lay out your duvet cover inside out on top of your bed 

Step two: Lay your duvet on top of the cover 

Step three: Start from the closed end of the duvet cover and roll up your duvet and cover together into a ‘sausage’ shape until you reach the end of your bed

Step four: Hold either end of the ‘sausage’ and hold the duvet and side of the cover closest to it, flip the other side of the cover outwards and around the ‘sausage’. Your duvet cover should now be the right side out around the ‘sausage’. 

Step five: Do up the buttons and unroll the ‘sausage’ and your bed is complete! 


Removing Carpet Stains with an Iron

Whether it’s in your carpet, or on your bed sheets; stains can be a nightmare to remove, especially if you don’t know how to effectively do so. Not to worry though as TikTok has you covered – especially if you’re a lover of nutella or red wine. 

@cleanthatup is the king of removing carpet stains, especially those that are a little more difficult to clean. 

Try this stain-removing hack the next time you have an accidental spillage. 

  1. Spray carpet cleaner directly on to the stain 
  2. Cover with a white towel 
  3. Use an iron to stream the towel-covered stain 
  4. Repeat this a few times until your carpet is completely clean


Fold Your Towels Like a Spa

Nothing completes a clean bathroom without some freshly washed towels. Why not take it a step further though and get a real hotel feel by folding them just as they do in a spa – it’s the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your home. 

From deep-cleaning hacks to organisational tips, @vaneamaro91 a professional housekeeper shares some of her secrets with her huge following on TikTok. Watch the video below to find out how to fold your bathroom towels. 


Clean and Fluff Up Your Carpet 

While many people tend to just use their hoover to clean and freshen up their carpet, @miaslaterxo shared an incredible tip on her TikTok. She uses a window cleaner to deep clean her carpets and shows just how much dust this picks up in comparison to a standard hoover. It also fluffs up your carpet at the same time, giving it a fresh and full finish. 


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