How to Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Creating the perfect guest bedroom can be a daunting task; after all, you want your guests to feel comfortable and welcome during their stay with you. But, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process! With careful thought and consideration, you can create a space that is both inviting and functional for visitors. 

From selecting bedding and furniture that fits the room’s size to adding decorative touches that make it unique, there are plenty of ways to ensure your guest bedroom looks great while still being cosy and welcoming. 

Here, Linens Limited goes through some tips on how to choose appropriate bedding and furniture as well as ideas for decorating so you can create the perfect guest bedroom in no time!

Keep it simple 

If your guest bedroom is designed with a particularly busy theme and every available surface is covered with your personal design preference in textiles, textures, and trinkets, you’ll only remind your guests that they are in an unfamiliar setting. Keep your self-expression in check while decorating your guest room and leave some space so that it isn’t overwhelming.

Clear out some space 

Few people enjoy living out of a suitcase, where all of their possessions become a wrinkled mess. Clear out the wardrobe in the guest room or offer a chest of drawers so that guests can unpack their belongings without feeling crammed in.

Don’t forget the basics 

Make sure your pillows are comfortable and plump, and that your sheets are crisp and stain-free. Many people prefer to sleep with two or more pillows so be sure to have many pillows available. Make sure the mattress is comfy, there is nothing worse than having an uncomfortable mattress.

Provide your guests with plenty of towels! Place them where the visitor can see them and arrange them nicely. Provide fresh washcloths and hand towels as well. Nothing is more welcoming than seeing a pile of fluffy, clean towels waiting to be used after a shower or bath.

Create a work space

If they’re staying for a while, your visitors could need a temporary workstation. While visiting someone else’s house, it can be challenging to establish a peaceful area toconcentrate on work. Of course, don’t worry if there isn’t space for a workstation in the guest bedroom. Most people can, if necessary, sit and work from their bed.

Keep extra blankets

Some people easily become too hot, while others quickly become cold. For those who need to layer up to be warm, provide more blankets. Make it easy for your guests to wrap themselves in a warm blanket if they want to, as it is one of the most comfortable experiences.

Shop the range

Whether you’re starting completely from scratch or want to give your guest bedroom some new homely touches, we’ve got the products for you. Head to our new in page to see what inspires you! 

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