How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With?

Different people have varying preferences on how many pillows you should sleep with – some claiming one is best, some claiming two or three. This is because everyone sleeps differently, with some people requiring more or less support due to comfort or for health reasons. Other factors that can affect this include pillow type and thickness, and which position you sleep in.

In the following guide, we will outline the best number of pillows to sleep with depending on your needs.

Why you should always sleep with pillows

Pillows are an essential part of bedding due to the benefits that they provide sleepers with. Beyond simply offering more comfort, pillows provide support, aiding posture and relieving pressure on the head. Sleeping without pillows can cause headaches and neck pain over time. 

Should I sleep with one pillow?

While some claim that more is better, sleeping with one pillow is a popular choice. Having a single, thick pillow can be a good alternative to buying two in order to save money, and could be the same thickness as two thinner pillows. Additionally, if you sleep with one pillow under your head, you could place another under your back or feet for posture support as it straightens the back out.

Having one pillow best suits those who sleep on their front, and is also good for alignment for those who lay on their back. 

Should I sleep with two pillows?

Two pillows are ideal for those who sleep on their sides. This is because they will rest your head at an angle with proper spine alignment and support. If you struggle with breathing due to congestion, having two pillows can help to prop up your head when lying on your back, reducing congestion by a small amount.

Another good reason to sleep with additional pillows is the ability to place them elsewhere, such as under the back or feet, which can provide extra support for the back or other areas that may cause discomfort. 

Should I sleep with three pillows?

For those who need as much comfort as possible, three pillows might be an option. However, simply having more does not necessarily mean more comfort will be achieved, as being too propped up can cause neck problems. Again, having three pillows can be good for congestion, and the extras can be placed elsewhere if you need them – sometimes it is better to have more and not need them, than less and need them. Side-sleepers can gain additional benefits by placing one of these between their legs to maintain important spinal alignment.

What number is best?

The best way to figure out how many pillows is best for you is to try them for yourself. If you struggle to sleep or wake up feeling uncomfortable, try changing the amount or type of pillows you are using. 

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