Fancy a Bridgerton Bedroom? Here’s How to Create One

Update your bedroom decor with our Daphne and Duke-approved bedding sets. 

Set between 1811 and 1820, Bridgerton has brought Regency interior trends back to life, through our TV screens. 

Want to take inspiration from the most popular Netflix original series ever? We’re going to talk you through some of our top Bridgerton-inspired bedding sets and show you how you can style them for a regal and romantic look.

Top Tips for Achieving a Bridgerton-Inspired Bedroom 

When it comes to creating a ‘Bridgerton aesthetic’, particularly in the bedroom, consider the following interior style tips: 

  • Four-poster beds or high-rise headboards add a luxurious look to your bedroom as seen in the series. 
  • In terms of colour, citrus hues of yellow, orange and green as well as pastel blues and pinks work beautifully for a Bridgerton-inspired finish. 
  • Damask wallpaper or bedding is a great way to recreate the Regency aesthetic seen in Bridgerton. 
  • Think regal patterns and fabrics with your furniture, bedding, curtains, or wallpaper. 
  • Flowing drapery is another top way to achieve a Regency-style feel and can easily be achieved with your bedding or choice of curtains. 

Floral Prints and Frills 


These beautiful floral bedding sets feature a frill that drapes down over the bed giving it a feminine look and feel. Frills were not just commonly worn in dresses and suits during the Regency era, but they were also styled around the home either in bedding or curtains. This Emma Barclay set is a stunning way to add some romance to your decor. 

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Incorporating pastel colours into your bedroom is not only perfect in time for spring, but it also fits in with the popular aesthetic seen on screen in Bridgerton. From their outfits to their interiors; pastel-coloured prints and materials are seen throughout the series and this is an easy theme to recreate in your home. Opt for a full bedding set for a glamorous touch or simply style some satin cushions with a plain duvet cover to add a dash of colour that isn’t too overpowering. 

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Bee Motifs 

As a bee is the Bridgerton family’s official symbol, it seems fitting to implement it into your interiors. Add an embroidered cushion to your bed for an effortless yet on-trend look and choose from a range of colours depending on your personal taste. The velour finish on these cushions boasts a glamorous, premium vibe making them the perfect finishing touch for your Bridgerton bedroom.

Yellow Accessories

Yellow was one of the most popular colours during the Regency period, and Penelope Featherington is constantly wearing yellow dresses (must to her distaste). Personally – we love yellow, especially in the bedroom as it helps to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Brighten up your bedroom this spring with a stunning splash of yellow either from a cushion, throw, or accessory of your choice. 

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Damask Print 

Damask was hugely popular during the time in which Bridgerton was set, and it’s still a top choice for bedroom decor today. Patterns are typically printed or embroidered onto the fabric, however, damask patterns are woven into the fabric using a jacquard-loom. 

Damask printed products are usually made from a variety of fibers such as synthetic and silk and are often used for curtains and upholstery. Choose from a damask print bed set, cushions or opt for curtains for a luxurious and cosy feel. 

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