Disney bedding for the kids – Perfect for the winter season

Winnie the pooh and friends

One of the most long-standing memories from many adults’ childhood, are the Disney films we watched with our parents. Kids today still feel the magic of Disney throughout their childhood, just as we did, and in many cases the Disney magic never really goes away. With the vast range of Disney bedding available, there’s no reason not to theme your child’s bedroom towards their favourite Disney character this winter, but how do you choose which bedding to get. Below, we give you a quick guide to the most popular Disney bedding out there.

For the girls, it absolutely has to be Minnie Mouse. This cheeky little mouse burst onto our screens many many years ago, and there are a variety of reasons why she’s still popular today! She’s a little bossy, but very pretty too, and she has a wealth of accessories you can theme the room around, like her little handbag, high heeled shoes and lovely bows in her hair. 

Minnie Mouse

Mickey is a big favourite for boys too. For younger boys, there are the Disney babies range, which features the younger generation of mice, dogs, rabbits etc, but even if you’re getting a little “too old” for Disney, you can go retro with some of the more classy and subtle Disney cushions dotted around your room. Some will even take you well into adulthood.

If your little superstar is anything like the hordes of kids bouncing round nursery playgrounds everywhere, chances are they’ll be playing Cars. Disney’s Cars is a movie for all ages but kids love to pretend they’re racecars like Lightning McQueen or Mater, so you’ll be a popular parent if you opt for a Cars theme for the bedroom. 

Lightning McQueen

Of course, Disney’s Winnie the Pooh is another big favourite, and this bouncy tiger can be found on a wealth of products aimed at kids of all ages, so it’s only fair to take a moment to think about whether your little bouncy prince or princess would like a Tigger themed bedroom.  Disney’s Winnie the Pooh is a gorgeous theme for kids from the nursery to teenage years, so you’re bound be onto a winner with this theme.

Winnie the Pooh and Friends

Of course, there are a wealth of Disney characters, so many that we haven’t even touched upon some, but the best advice we can give is to choose a theme you can adapt as your child grows, and this means purchasing items like cushions, duvet covers and towels, that will be dotted around the room to emphasize your theme!

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