Check out our new Kit for Kids range of nursery mattresses and changing mats

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We  are pleased to announce we now stock a fantastic range of nursery bedding and accessories from a leading company in parent and child products; Kit for Kids.

Their ethos is to care, develop, grow; and with such a beautiful and functional range of products to help you and your baby through early motherhood we are proud to have  a selection of their innovative creations available for you to buy right here with Linens Limited.

Changing & activity mats & rugs

Kit for Kids changing and activity mats and rugs come in a range of bright and fun colours that are extremely durable and easy to wipe clean for use all around the home. 

These products range in price from £16 to £29.95 with our changing mats on sale for just £3.95 so make sure you don’t miss out! 

changing mats


Ellergenic cot & moses basket mattresses

The Ellergenic anti allergy mattress range from Kit for Kids is a foam mattress that comes with two covers providing different levels of hygiene protection; the ellergenic encasement, a waterproof yet vapour permeable sealed inner cover and a machine washable anti allergy exterior. 

Available in a range of sizes and shapes for travel cots, cot beds and moses baskets you give your baby the best sleeping environment for great prices, no matter where you are.



The Eucalyss Folding Travel Mattress 

The Eucalyss Folding Travel Mattress is specifically designed for travelling or staying away from home with your baby. The foam comes with a comfortable and supportive orthopedic foam core whilst maintaining its flexibility to be folded. This mattress is compact making it easier to store and carry while on the move. The top cover is soft and naturally repels mosquitoes and biting flies by creating a no-fly zone around the mattress.

travel cot mattress


Ventiflow pocket spring mattresses

Individually pocketed springs contour to your baby’s body to give it ultimate comfort and support. We stock a range of these innovative mattress designs with easy care covers, double cored design with foam and coir from coconut hair, all with machine washable ventiflow outer cover to promote air circulation and repel water. 

ventiflow mattress


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