Bedroom colours that will make you relax

A safe haven, a home within a home, the bedroom is the place to sleep, unwind, and disappear from the demands of the world beyond.

To help you create your perfect chill-out zone, here is our guide to the most relaxing bedroom colours.


Serene and calming, blue is the colour of the mind and is known to both soothe and promote concentration. Associated with the properties of serenity, trust, coolness and reflection, adding blue to your bedroom is a wonderful way to create a quiet and peaceful space within the home. Keep to warm or soft blue tones to ensure your bedroom vibe doesn’t become cold or unwelcoming.



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Bring a sense of nature, freshness and vitality into your bedroom with hues of green. Right in the centre of the colour spectrum, green is the colour of balance and harmony, encouraging calm and relaxation. On a primitive level, the sight of plush green is indicative that water is nearby and so we are reassured and relaxed by its presence. With all these properties working together, it is believed the colour green can even help prevent nightmares.


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Spiritual purple in creamy lilac or violet hues can help calm the mind, uplift the soul and encourage creativity. On the colour spectrum, purple has the shortest wavelength and is thought to take awareness to a higher level. Because of this, purple is meant to help enable meditation and deep contemplation. Choose soft, warm hues for large areas of your bedroom such as the walls, curtains or bed sheets. If you prefer stronger tones, rich purple is associated with royalty, wealth and luxury – go for a few choice accessories, such as a lamp, rug or cushions to ensure the room and your relaxation is not overwhelmed.


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The colour of happiness, pink is lighthearted, youthful, fun and innocent. To create a bedroom of warmth and femininity with a soothing, nurturing aesthetic, look no further than shades of pink. Less aggressive than its sister red, the right amount of pink can create a truly calming and relaxing space. Cover your room from top to bottom for a vibrant, joyful experience, or mix in with white, black or charcoal greys for adult sophistication.


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