6 Ways to Create the Ultimate Cosy Bedroom This Winter

The dark nights are creeping in and the temperature is starting to drop – autumn is finally here! There’s never been a better time to rethink your bedroom and create the ultimate cosy nest to see you into winter.

From thicker duvets to cuddly duvet covers, we have a whole host of ideas to make sure you keep warm and toasty this year.

You can jump ahead now to see our duvets, throws or thermal curtains, or read on to discover our six top tips for transforming your bedroom into a winter wonderland

1. Get Cuddly

Yes, you heard us – bedding you can cuddle with is a real thing! It is also a truly fantastic way to get snuggly when the ice is forming outside the windows.

Even better, our range of fleece duvet covers sets come in a great range of styles and colours, perfect for you, your kids or to give your bedroom a festive touch. Worried you’ll be too warm? Never fear, these cosy duvet covers work fantastically as bedspreads too.

See all of our fleecy duvet cover sets here.

Furn Sherpa Fleece Duvet Cover Set

Catherine Lansfield So Soft Banded Velvet Sherpa Fleece Reverse Duvet Cover Set

Night Zone Unicorn Super Soft Teddy Fleece Warm & Cosy Duvet Cover Set

2. Winter Duvets

It might sound obvious, but switching to a heavier duvet when it gets cooler is probably the best way to ensure you stay comfortable from October to February.

We love the Linens Limited Natural Goose Feather and Down Duvet and, for those who get tickly noses in the night, the Belledorm Hotel Suite Premium Microfibre Hypo Allergenic Duvet is a great choice.

Linens Limited


If you really suffer from the cold, and want to indulge yourself this year, the Die Zudecke Canadian White Snow Goose Down Duvet offers the finest duvet experience around.

Die Zudecke Canadian

 3. Layer Up

Throws and bedspreads – not only do they look stylish, but they work brilliantly at keeping you warm all night long! Don’t be afraid to layer up – sometimes one throw is simply not enough, especially if you’re sharing a bed and your other half likes to hog the duvet.

Take a look at our top picks below or shop the range here.

4. Extra Padding

While many people realise the importance of layering heavier duvets and blankets on top when it gets chilly, fewer are aware of the benefits of a good base layer. A thick mattress topper can not only help you sleep more comfortably, but it provides a great base to protect you from low temperatures.

See our full range of mattress toppers here.

5. Keep the Heat In

No matter how comfortable your bed is, if your bedroom is chilly it can ruin a good night’s sleep. Draughts from the window are a big culprit for letting out the heat and letting in the cold. So make sure your curtains are up to the task! Thermal curtains offer an extra layer of protection from the elements, so could be the perfect choice for a cosier bedroom.

Eco Logan Thermal Blackout Eyelet Lined Curtains

Catherine Lansfield Myles Jacquard Thermal Lined Eyelet Curtains

See our thermal curtain range here.

6. Keep the Heat In (Part Two)

Heat doesn’t just escape through the windows, it can also escape through gaps in the floorboards. That’s why, if you haven’t opted for a carpet, rugs can be your saving grace! Make sure to pick one that is large enough to work in your bedroom – you can check out our rug buying guide here if you’re not sure what size to go for.

For extra indulgence, pick a rug that is super soft or fluffy to give your toes a treat last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

See all of our super soft shaggy rugs here.

Finally – wrap up warm! Wearing long sleeve pyjamas and bed socks are a great, stylish way to make sure you stay cosy all night long.

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