Top ten essential items that make your house a home

Top 10 essential items you need to make your house a home

sofa with soft furnishings

We recently conducted a survey that asked you what your favourite items are that truly transform a house into a home, and you responded in your hundreds!

The results are in… read on to discover the top ten essential items that make your house your home.

1. The sofa

The humble sofa: the focal point of the room that gathers the family together for rest, relaxation, and a good old catch up. Fabric or leather, deepset or high-backed, plain or patterned – with so many options you’ll be sure to find ‘the one’ that turns your house into a home.

Here’s what you said about choosing the sofa as your number one essential item:

“The sofa is where we spend time as a family, chatting and watching TV. It’s where we properly relax.”

“My sofa is comfortable and cosy, and it makes the living room look so inviting.”

comfortable sofas in large room

2. Soft furnishings

Cushions, throws, beanbags and blankets – soft furnishings are the ultimate way to personalise your home. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what you told us:

“Soft furnishings help to pull a space together, make it cosy, or more aesthetic. There is an unlimited amount of themes and designs with these so you can’t ever get bored.”

“Soft furnishings can really make or break a look or feel of a home, and can be changed easily to totally transform a room.”

“Soft furnishings help make your home unique to your style and taste, and are great for cosying up with your family together.”

“You can use them to show your own personality and to differentiate your house from everyone else’s.”


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3. Bed

A bed – the mattress and the frame – can be one of the single biggest investments you can make when creating a home for you and your family. But get it right, and the bed becomes so much more than just a place to sleep…

You said:

“My bed is my sanctuary, not just for sleeping but also for relaxing, and staring out the window at the view. To me, my bed is home.”

“My boyfriend made the base of our bed out of chunky wood. It is so comfy and I appreciate it every night when I get in!”

“My bed = centre of the universe.”


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4. Duvet & pillows

And following right behind the bed are duvet and pillows – the essential items that make your bedroom one of your favourite rooms in the house. Plump up the pillows, peel back the duvet, and snuggle down into a cosy nest of your own making – what could be better?

Here’s what you had to say:

“The duvet and pillows are the most important to me as there is nothing better than sinking into a big soft comfortable bed at the end of the day and drifting off to sleep.”

“My duvet because it makes me happy! I could live in the fanciest house in Beverly Hills but if I wasn’t comfy and content it wouldn’t be home would it?”


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5. Bookcases & bookshelves

Put your books in the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, and the… toilet? Why not! Make your mark on a new home by filling it with your favourite books. But don’t limit yourself to just books – go one step further and use bookshelves to display all of your most beloved treasures.



6. Blinds & curtains

Let the daylight in, or keep the streetlights out – curtains and blinds are an essential addition to every home, which is why they made your top ten. Practical and stylish, they can work with the colour scheme of your soft furnishings and furniture to create a gorgeous, homey look.


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7. Fireplace

The smell of wood, the sound of the crackle and pops – what’s not to love about a cosy fire in your own fireplace on a cold winter’s night?


8. Rugs

A lovingly chosen and carefully placed rug can pull a room together and help transform a cold-feeling house into a warm and comfortable home. Give your toes a treat, and your floorboards a break, with a plush and eye-catching rug as your home’s centrepiece.

Over to you:

“Our living room rug is amazing – it’s soft, thick and luxurious, and adds style to a boring rented living room!”

“My rug adds colour and comfort, and makes the lounge feel friendly. It’s just right.”


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9. Bed sheets

No bedroom is complete without a gorgeous set of beautifully crisp and clean bed sheets to sink into every night after a long hard day. You may never want to get out of bed again!

You said:

“The most important is my bedding – sleeping in old or ugly bedding is no way to relax!”

“There’s nothing better than getting into a freshly made-up bed every night.”


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10. Towels

And rounding off your top ten list of essential items – towels.

Step out of the shower and surround yourself with a little bit of love. Nothing beats a warm, fluffy and beautifully soft towel to make you, your family and your guests feel at home.


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Did we miss anything?

Did your favourite household item make the top ten list? If we missed anything off the list, let us know in the comments below – tell us what makes your house a home.


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  • Carol Starling

    Other factors are lighting issues too light too dark to hot or to coldto help set the moods, floor covering carpet rugs or laminate.

    Personally i hate laminate its always dusty with tumble weed, disgusting give me a carpet and a good hoover anytime The final factor if you live on a busy or a rat-run road is Double Glazing block out the intrusive noise from outside
    Ultimately a house would not be a home without loved ones or friends to fill it 🙂

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