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Kit For Kids

Founded in 1993, Kit for Kids create essential products to improve the lives of children worldwide. From blankets to multi-purpose activity mats; your little one will have the ultimate comfort and safety in the sleeping environment. Browse the collection of Kit for Kids online today and discover the essentials to provide cosiness and protection for your little one in a modern style for your home, and all at an affordable cost. read more

With changing mats and children’s activity mats that are designed to be easily cleaned, portable and practical – you can care for your little one with no fuss added. Made out of materials such as PVC for hygiene and ease during changing them; these travel changing mats are available in stunning patterns that are perfect for girls and boys. The changing mat also has a slightly larger size than most changing mats to accommodate and allow ease for your baby.

Find the perfect solution to pregnancy pains with the Kit for Kids pregnancy pillow range. It’s known that being pregnant can be a very uncomfortable experience - so to ease this issue, the pregnancy pillow provides full body support especially for your bump, back and knees when needed most. Made out of the finest cotton and available in various patterns and colours, the pregnancy body pillow from Kit for Kids is extremely versatile for many different positions, with mum to be’s comfort the number one priority.

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