What TOG Sleeping Bag For Baby is Best?

When choosing the right sleeping products for your baby, you will want to ensure that they are both safe and comfortable. It is common for babies to get too hot or cold at night when sleeping in their own cot, and you will want to avoid this when strapping them into something that they can not easily escape. 

Sleeping bags for babies can suffer from this particular problem, so you should pay attention to the thermal overall grade (TOG). This measurement indicates the heat retention levels of linen and covers many baby sleeping garments. A high TOG means the product will keep your baby really warm at night, which may not be appropriate if you live in a warm climate, or during summertime. 

If you do not regulate your baby’s sleeping temperature, they could fall seriously ill, so it is vital you pay attention to this. In the following guide, we will outline some products with TOG values that are ideal for different situations you may find yourself and your young baby in.

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What are the Best TOG Levels for Your Baby?

The warmer the climate, the lower TOG you should be aiming for. For the usual British spring and summer nights, a one TOG sleeping bag will be ideal for your baby to sleep in, while a 0.5 TOG might be better for those really hot nights, or for going on holiday to a country with a hot climate.

In winter and autumn, you should aim for 3.5 TOG, especially if your house does not have good insulation. However, if you leave the heating on frequently, a lower grade sleeping bag might be better, as your house can still get very warm in winter and, while you might find this comfortable, a baby wrapped in a sleeping bag will not be able to kick off their covers and may overheat.

You should also consider what to dress your baby in when leaving them to sleep in a sleeping bag. This depends on both the TOG of the bag and the weather. In the winter months, if you only have a low TOG bag, you could dress them in warmer clothes. The downside to this is that it may make one of the key benefits of using a sleeping bag irrelevant – better and more consistent heat regulation than a standard blanket.

Why Buy a Baby Sleeping Bag?

As well as the previously mentioned heat regulation properties, a baby in a sleeping bag will not be able to kick it off like they could in a blanket. This means that they will stay cosy and warm all throughout the night, whereas a blanket might be kicked off during sleep, leaving your baby with no covers during the coldest parts of the night. 

Additionally, they will not be able to move around as much, meaning they may be safer – less likely to fall off anything or climb out of a cot. The use of a blanket carries with it the risk of getting tangled and subsequent suffocation, which is something a secure baby sleeping bag is designed to avoid. 

Many parents worry about their baby at night as they can not be with them to keep them safe, so it is best to research and buy the best products for your baby so you can get well-deserved rest peacefully, knowing they are comfy and secure.

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