What to Do With Old Duvets

Duvets wear out and deteriorate as you use them, making them less comfortable and not as insulating, but people are often unsure about what to do with them before deciding to buy new ones. Some people do not care how old duvets are disposed of in the correct manner, which could cause an avoidable negative ecological impact.

However, the more environmentally conscious are considering more eco-friendly methods of getting rid of their old duvets. Read more below by the experts in all things bedding at Linens. 

Can duvets be recycled?

Of course, it is important to wash your duvet often. However, it ages and loses quality as a result of regular use and washing. A duvet needs to be replaced when it loses quality, as the material’s gradual degradation impairs its heat-retention qualities – not an ideal quality as temperatures drop.  But, when you replace your old duvet with a new one,  how exactly do you get rid of it? 

Duvets are made of synthetic materials, which are not recyclable.  But, there are ways to give your old duvet a new life that reduces the impact otherwise felt by binning them.

Can you donate duvets?

One of the best upcycling habits is to donate outdated and unwanted products. You can donate old duvets if they are in good condition – but only if this is the case.

Every item you want to donate must be in useable and good condition in order to be accepted and reused. Duvets are not, however, accepted by charitable organisations like the Salvation Army, so it is important that you check before blindly donating them to a charitable organisation. In many places, any item that could be harmed by moisture is not accepted, including mattresses, textiles, curtains, and filled objects like pillows and duvets.

On the other hand, you can donate used duvets to animal rescue organisations or a nearby animal shelter. The duvets can provide the rescued animals with a cosy and warm place to sleep. Although many animal shelters accept anything as a contribution, it will be wise to contact them and find out what they really need.

Old duvets can also be donated to homeless shelters, but keep in mind that people will use them so make sure they are still in excellent condition. 

Ways to upcycle your old duvet

You might be wondering how to get rid of duvets, since they cannot be recycled. Take a look at our suggestions below for a variety of upcycling projects. Reusing materials in an upcycling process can result in a new, better-quality product than the original!

Picnic or beach mat

Old duvets can be used to create a picnic or beach mat. You can choose whether to make the mat waterproof, too, by sewing a shower curtain liner to one side of the duvet in order to make it waterproof. When you are outside having a picnic or at the beach, the duvets make a smooth, clean surface you may sit on.

Pet bed

Making a DIY pet bed out of an old duvet is another creative upcycling idea. All you need is an old duvet, scissors, a fishing line, and a sewing machine – or sewing skills!. Lay the duvet on the floor, fold one edge up approximately two-thirds of the way, and leave space on the other side for the bed. Then, make pillows on either side by rolling up the duvet’s two sides.

The sides of the bed can be sewn up using a sewing machine, and the front, where the duvet begins, can then be rolled up. To allow your pet to fit under the duvet, make sure there is space between the end of the pillow and the beginning of the duvet.

Projector screen

You can use a white duvet as a sizable movie screen if you need to display but do not have access to a projection room. All you need to do to create a home theatre is hang a white bedspread from a thread with a projector over it.

The white duvet can be used at night to set up an outdoor movie screen. A white duvet can be hung between two trees or fastened to the garden fence.

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Recycling is the best way to dispose of old and unwanted items, but when you have non-recyclable items you want to dispose of, you can upcycle them instead.

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