What Size is a Double Duvet?

A double duvet is the standard size for most beds. This depends on the size of your bed and how much of the duvet you like to hog! A double duvet is usually 200 x 200 centimetres. This is around 78 x 78 inches.

You can work out what size duvet you need by measuring your bedframe. This can give you a better idea of whether a double duvet is the right duvet size for your bed. Below we look at what size is a double duvet, how to choose the right duvet, and where to get a double duvet from.

What size is a double duvet?

In the UK, a double duvet usually measures up at 200 x 200 centimetres. If you work in inches, this is just over 78 x 78 inches. At Linens Limited, this is the exact measurement for our double duvets.

When you compare this to other duvet sizes, a single duvet measures in at 135 x 200 centimetres. A king duvet is slightly larger than a double duvet. This measures in at 230 x 220 centimetres.

The largest duvet cover that we stock is a super king. The measurements for a super king duvet are 260 x 220 centimetres. This means that a double duvet is a good middle ground for a duvet for 2 people.

Take measurements

To find out whether a double duvet would be the best size for your bed, you should take accurate measurements. You can do this with a tape measure. The easiest way to measure is in centimetres, but you can measure in inches if you prefer.

You can either measure the bed frame or the mattress. Make sure to allow for some of the duvet to hang over the sides of the bed. If you like a lot of duvet during the night, you might want to get a larger duvet. This depends on your preference and how many people are in the bed.

How to choose the right duvet by size and filling

It is important to choose the right duvet as this can impact how well you sleep at night. If you are too hot or too cold, this will affect your sleep. If the duvet is too small, you may find that your partner hogs more of the duvet throughout the night. The right duvet size and filling is a personal preference and one that you should take your time with.

It is good to know the different sizes of duvets before you can measure your bed. This makes it easier to choose the right duvet size. Most couples use a double duvet, but a king duvet can give you more coverage if you need it. A king or super king works best if you have a king size bed.

Getting a duvet too big could mean that the duvet hangs too far off the side. This is why measurement is so important before choosing a duvet.

Tog rating

After you have chosen the size, you should look at the tog rating of the duvet. A tog is a unit of measurement that says how warm something is.

It is better to get a higher tog duvet in winter and a lower tog duvet in summer. Many people have 2 double duvets for different seasons to get the best sleep. You should also be aware of the different fillings that can be found in a duvet.

The common duvet fillings are feather, synthetic, and down. Feather duvets are very breathable and are good at keeping you warm. Synthetic duvets are affordable for a lower budget and are great if you have allergies. Down is found underneath the bird’s feather so is more expensive but very soft.

Where can I get a double duvet from?

You can get a double duvet from Linens Limited. We stock all sizes of duvet, including single, double, king, and super king. This means you have a lot to choose from depending on your bed size and your preference.

We also sell duvet covers that fit perfectly with our double duvets. As the standard size in the UK for a double duvet is 200 x 200 centimetres, our duvet covers work well with any duvet. We have a range of double duvets with different tog levels and fillings.

To choose the right duvet for you, check out the guide above. You can also look through our double duvets to see which one you like. We also have a duvet buying guide if you need more help. We have a range of double duvets in different togs and with different fillings. You can also find double duvet covers to match.

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