What Colour Goes with Teal?

Teal is a beautiful colour often used in home décor. It is between blue and green on the colour palette. Teal accents are known to promote a calming and inviting space but can also feel energising. There are lots of colours that go with teal, depending on your preference and where you want to use teal in your home.

Teal goes very well with colours like maroon, coral, and gold. You can use teal linens from Linens Limited to decorate your bedroom, bathroom, or living room. We take a look at what colour goes with teal for all your decorating needs.

What colour goes with teal?

There are many colours that go well with teal. Some of the best colours to go with dark teal accents include maroon, coral, and gold. Teal can be used as a contrasting colour to these tones.

You can also use teal as a highlighting colour if you team it with neutral colours like beige or grey. This can make the room pop and is a trendy and modern look. One way to use teal as a highlighting colour is by using teal bedsheets or teal cushions against a beige or white wall.

Compliment with dark colours

If you have a teal painted wall, you can make the room look brighter by choosing linens in a warm tone. One way to do this is by using black or gold-lined towels in your teal painted bathroom. Although these are both dark colours they complement each other well.

Teal and copper

For anybody that likes copper and uses it to decorate their home, this is a great solution to what colour goes with teal. Teal compliments copper and can make for a visually striking room. As both of these colours are rich, saturated, and warm, they can create an inviting room. This is perfect for the bedroom or living room.

A surprising colour match, baby pink also goes well with teal. This is because they are both gentle and soft shades. This could make the perfect colour combination for a young girl’s bedroom. You can also use navy blue with this colour combination.

How can I decorate with teal?


Decorating with teal depends on how much of the room you want in that colour. You could have one teal wall or have all teal walls If you like. Paint the walls teal and use colours that go well with it for the rest of the room. This includes the décor and linens in the room, such as bedsheets or cushion covers.

If you like teal but want a more subtle approach, you may want to use a dark teal on your linens. You can get teal towels, curtains, duvet covers, rugs, and cushions. These can all be used in different rooms in the house to create a warming colour tone.

Living room

Some people use the same colour scheme across their homes, so you may want to add teal to all areas of your home. You can add a splash of teal easily in your bathroom with some teal towels. When it comes to the living room, you could get teal curtains or teal cushions. This looks great with neutral walls if you like a minimalist look.


For kitchens, you could use teal curtains to finish the room off. Duvet covers work well in the bedroom to add a splash of teal alongside the other colours that go well with teal. Ultimately, how you decorate with teal depends on your preference and what you like. As many colours go well with teal, there are lots of colour combinations to work with.

Where can I get teal décor from?

You can get teal décor from Linens Limited. We have lots of teal products that work well with the colours you already have in your home. We also have plenty of linens that can go with teal, such as brown, beige, and gold.

We are a family run company and offer high-quality textiles that are teal or go well with teal. We offer a number of soft furnishings that can go well in any room of your home. We have a range of linens, such as beddings, cushions, towels, rugs, and curtains.

Look for inspiration

If you need help with colours that go well with teal, you can search through our products for inspiration. As so many colours go with teal, there are plenty of options on our website. You can also look at our buying guides if you still need help.

There are many colours that go with teal, with some of the most popular colours being maroon, gold, and coral. Neutral colours also go well with teal, as it can be used as a highlighting colour. If you are looking for linens that go with teal or teal linens, check out our main website. We have lots of beautiful linens for your home.

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