Upcycling Your Old Bedding

With documentaries from David Attenborough and other nature lovers describing how the world is suffering due to excessive waste, we’re all becoming more aware of the waste that we cause in our daily lives and bedding is no exception to this.

Bedding can take up a great deal of space in a home if it’s not being used and it’s easy to think that throwing it away is the easiest way to stop a build-up of unwanted items in your house. We’ve put together some handy tips on how you can upcycle your bedding responsibly and help save our planet. Check out our top tips below.


If you have an old duvet that you no longer use, there are a few different ways that you can give it a new lease of life!


If your duvet is still quite new but you have decided it’s not for you, why not give it to a family member or friend who could still get some use out of it?

Most charity shops are not accepting donations for duvets if they have already been used, and due to the space that they take up in the shop. However, there is nothing wrong with calling your local charity shop and checking that this is the case for their particular shop. Some charity shops may welcome duvet donations so be sure to check!

Local animal shelters and animal rescue centres may be grateful for donations of duvets, and also any unwanted bedding, such as blankets, to keep the rescue animals warm and comfortable. Most shelters and rescue centres will be thankful for these donations as it cuts down their costs by avoiding spending money on excess bedding.

Can it be reused?

Old duvets can be great bedding for pets. If you know someone who has recently got a new pet, why not give them your old duvet? Using pre-used duvets can be a great way for new pet owners to save money on brand new bedding if their pet is not fully house trained yet!

If you are more of a creative person, you could use the filling from your duvet filling for other soft furnishings in your home. The filling could be used for stuffing scatter cushions, draft excluders, and other craft projects around the house.

Environmentally friendly ways of disposing your duvet

If your duvet is beyond saving, there are options of disposing of it in a more environmentally friendly way.

Most councils in the UK have kerbside collections for a fee and will accept textiles for recycling. It is important to check that your local council is able to do this for you.

Your local council recycling centre is also likely to have a textile bin, so be sure to check out this option if you would prefer to avoid the collection fee.


Bedsheets take up a lot less space in your home than a duvet but it can still be frustrating if you are unsure what to do with them.

Use them for outdoor activities

Using your old bed sheets for outdoor activities can be a great way to get more life out of them. Whether you are going to the beach or having a picnic in the park, bedsheets are large enough to cover a big surface area on the floor and are a lighter, easier-to-transport option than a large, heavy-duty picnic blanket.


Raising children can be a messy task. Bed sheets can be used to protect the floor if your little ones are painting, playing, or eating. Laying a bedsheet down on the play area can help reduce the need for the stain removal and excessive vacuuming that can often come with raising children!

You could also use the bedding as a smock for children if they are partaking in anything particularly messy. Simply cut a hole at the centre of the bed sheet big enough for their head and trim the edges to ensure they do not trip over.

Old bed sheets could also be used as part of your childrens’ toy box. Using bed sheets can be a quick and easy fix to creating their next blanket fort, or even their next big acting production!


Rather than spending money on cloths for cleaning your house or your car, you can repurpose your old bed sheets. Take an old bedsheet and simply cut it into the desired shape. This method can save a lot of money and takes a matter of seconds to create.

Shopping bags

If you’re a more creative person, or fancy yourself as the next Great British Sewing Bee champion, why not get your sewing machine out and fashion yourself some new reusable shopping bags out of your old bedsheets?

There are plenty of ways you can get more life out of your old bedding. Why not give one of them a go? Share your success stories with us by tagging us on Instagram (linens_limited)!

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