The UK’s Sleepiest Street Names Revealed

Fancy cosying up for some shut-eye on Sleepy Lane or heading for a restful nap on Blanket Street? We’ve looked at postcode data to find some of the sleepiest street names in the UK ahead of Sleep Awareness Week and World Sleep Day. 

Snoring Road Little Snoring, Norfolk

Although not the most inviting name (we all know just how annoying snoring is), not only does a road exist for snorers, a whole village does! 

Little Snoring in Norfolk could be the perfect place for your partner to relocate to if they disturb your sleep with their snoring.

Sleepy Lane King’s Newton, Derbyshire 

This street name immediately made us yawn. Located in a town that prides itself on being “fit for a King”, it sounds like a great place to also sleep like a Queen. 

Rest Haven Swadlincote, Derbyshire 

This dreamy location in Derbyshire sounds like a real retreat. We imagine it to be quiet and calm, surrounded by countryside; the ideal place for those that love a laidback lifestyle.

Sleepers HillLiverpool, Merseyside 

Take a trip to Sleepers Hill located in Liverpool if you want a restful night’s sleep. It may not be the most peaceful place though, as it’s fairly close to the Anfield Football Stadium – so be sure to invest in some earplugs! 

Nap Lane Chulmleigh, Devon

We all know someone that loves a nap, and it’s actually been scientifically proven that they’re good for us, with 20-minute snoozes said to be the optimal time to improve focus and leave you feeling refreshed. 

What about living on Nap Lane though? You’re sure to get plenty of sleep in this napping neighbourhood in Devon. 

Slipper Road Emsworth, West Sussex

We picture Slipper Road to be home to people wearing PJs and their favourite slippers at all times, which is definitely somewhere we want to be! 

Pillow Way Buckingham, Buckinghamshire 

It’s no secret that your personal choice of pillows are key in helping you get your essential eight hours. Pillow Way in Buckinghamshire sounds like the perfect place to put your feet up. 

Blanket Street East Worldham, Hampshire 

No nap (or bed) is complete without your favourite blanket, which is why we love the name Blanket Street. 

Cosy Corner North Walsham, Norfolk 

Cosy Corner sounds like the name of a coffee shop, but it is actually a real street name in the town of North Walsham in Norfolk. It’s certainly one of the nicest street names we’ve seen so far, and we’re sure you would easily drift off here. 

  1. Night Owls – Greenham, Berkshire 

Do you struggle to get to sleep at a reasonable time or simply love a late night? Maybe it’s time you joined Night Owls road in Berkshire. This street is not one for early birds! 


We looked at sleep-related words and searched these in a UK street names database then collected street names related to these terms. We then compiled a list of 10 street names. 

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