The Art of Master Bedroom Compromise

Whether you’ve been sharing a bedroom for years and want to remodel, or if you’re moving in together and getting ready to design a peaceful new resting area, you’ve undoubtedly already heard the special word we are about to mention. It is a word that has helped many people start joyful, secure, and peaceful home lives:


Compromise doesn’t necessarily mean compromising for something neither of you want. Here are a few suggestions for designing a bedroom for couples that works for both of you.

Work together

Instead of exchanging funny looks over each other’s selections, try a mood board. Select the colours that you both like and those that you do not like. Create mood boards and try to agree on a colour scheme. It may take some time, but working together will help it to be quicker. You will be halfway there once you have decided on a backdrop colour together.

Get close and personal. If your partner wants to hang their adored map collection on each wall, while you want your collection of Japanese fans to be displayed instead, it will appear quite busy on your walls. Why not consider ornaments that honour the shared life you have? What about a gallery of family photos with you and your children, loved ones, or even your dog?

Don’t rush

There is no rush if you are designing a new home. Give yourselves a chance to get to know each other’s preferences and see past the current trends. Spend some time deciding what you and your partner truly desire for your bedroom. Your opinions may change theirs, and vice versa. They might decide that displaying their collection of Star Wars memorabilia in the downstairs bathroom is a better idea and that they can actually live with your colour scheme in the bedroom. Thus, the two of you will be able to enjoy your lovely new bedroom for many years to come. 

Choose a style you both like

It is important for you both to decide on a style you like. A collaborative Pinterest board could help as you will be able to both pin styles that you like and work out where your middle ground is. You might realise that you have more styles in common than what you  realised in the first place! 

Do not overdo pillows 

Decorative pillows and cushions can be a good way to add colour, texture and depth to your bed, but a pile of them can make a room look overly feminine or cluttered. While some couples may like this, some couples may not. You should be able to see more of your bed than the cushions and pillows that decorate it. Think practically; will you want to spend a substantial amount of time before you get into bed each night throwing the cushions onto the floor? Be sensible about the decoration, you want to be able to create a sense of warmth and homeliness without going overboard. 

Keep it tidy 

Your master bedroom should feel like yours and your partner’s special place within the home, especially if you have children or other family members living with you. Avoid bringing other elements of the home into your bedroom, and stick to photos and decorations that both bring you joy. To add a personal touch, why not add wedding photos or photos of just the two of you?

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