This is How Small Spaces Can Look with Imaginative Interior Design

Small studio with shelves and lots of storage space

Arranging furniture and finding adequate storage in small spaces can be tricky. It can be even trickier to find solutions that don’t compromise the functionality of each room or work against your preferred aesthetic.

But with a little imagination, every space – no matter how small – can become a haven.

Here is a roundup of some of the most imaginative interior design solutions for small spaces. With these creative ideas, your small space can become a wonderfully warm, inviting and practical place to live in.

Look to the skies

Turn a one-storey house into a multi-level home by looking upwards. Save valuable floor space by building a double bed into the rafters to create your cosy nest.

Tiny apartment, studio with bed raised off the floor


Defining areas of your one-bed-studio flat into bedroom, living space, and kitchen is a fantastic way to make a small space feel more functional. Yet building walls is a sure-fire way to go from small, to cramped.

Keep the space open and airy with the strategic use of dividers. Large bookcases are a great way to get the look, and add storage space to your home.

Small studio with shelves and lots of storage space

Source: Apartment Therapy

Tiny apartment


Let the light in

Many small homes suffer from lack of light, especially in converted terraced houses, or purpose-built flats. Keep the light flowing through your home with interior walls made of glass.


Small apartment with glass doors to let natural light in


If you need a bit more privacy, hang an interior curtain that can be pulled back during the daylight hours.


Open plan studio with curtain and cat sat on the floorboards


Fold it out

The heart of the house, the kitchen is one of the most sociable spaces in the home and needs to be functional. Save on space without compromising on eating together with a stylish fold-away kitchen table.

Bright sunny small kitchen


Steps as storage

This sleek storage solution opens up an often overlooked area in the house – the stairs.

Space saving design - shelves and cupboards beneath the stairs




Under the stairs storage - drawers


Under the bed

Add storage into your bedroom by creating a platform bed. Raise the bed as high as your ceilings will allow and free up square feet typically taken up by cumbersome wardrobes.

Find out how to create your own platform bed here.

Platform bed



Double up on space

Need space to both hang and fold your clothes? Add a hanging rail above a chest of drawers to double up the amount of storage your small bedroom can offer.



Origami apartment

If you yearn for wide open spaces, take your inspiration from this Manhattan apartment.

Keep your bed folded away to keep your living room open and light by day, then fold out to transform the space into a stylish bedroom by night.

Unfolding apartment


Lego house

For the ultimate in multi-functional living in a tiny home, you can’t beat the lego house of Barcelona. The miniscule 24-square-metre, former pigeon loft offers one room with multiple uses at the touch of a button (or two).

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