Rugs To Make Your House Feel Cosy This Winter

There’s nothing nicer than cosy toes in the winter, and however fashionable laminate flooring is, it just doesn’t have that warm comforting feeling that carpet does. However, if you’ve got a pretty hard and rugged carpet, then you may not be feeling the benefit either. So, this winter, why not invest in a luxurious rug to sooth those winter blues away?

 However, it’s not just a matter of saying “sure, I’ll get a rug” choosing the right one for the right space makes all the difference. Below, we explain what rugs work best in what spaces, so you can make the right choice for your home.

Room by room – choosing the best rugs for your home 

Take the hallway, for example. You’re likely to have some pretty rubbish weather in the winter, so the hallway is where most leaves, wet, and mud are deposited as you take of your coat and shoes. Choosing a doormat that absorbs this detritus is a great idea, then you can choose a long, luxurious rug, to pad into the relative warmth of your home. Choose a hall runner with warm colours and it’ll be a pleasure to come home to.

Next is your living room. This is the place where you can get adventurous and luxurious, with thick pile. Lay it in front of the hearth, or in the centre of the room, and chances are it’ll make the room feel lovely and cosy. If you don’t like thick rugs, then choose a contemporary pattern that matches your colour scheme and again, choose warm colours that make your room inviting. 

Bedroom With Beamed Wooden Ceiling

In the bedroom, think about putting a rug at the side of your bed where you get out. It’ll make those cold mornings feel a little less hard to bear, and if you choose a contrasting colour to your bedding, will certainly give your bedroom a new look. 

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