Predicted Homeware Trends for 2022

As we come to the end of another year, it’s time to look forward to what interior trends we can expect to see in 2022. From reducing waste to introducing light, here are our predictions for the year ahead.

DIY reigns supreme

If we have learned anything throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that keeping busy tinkering with DIY projects has been one of the easiest ways to stay sane whilst indoors during the lockdown periods.

We expect this newfound love for DIY to continue far into the future, with many new make-your-own homeware trends being shared across platforms like Pinterest and TikTok. It’s amazing what you can do to your home with a bit of wood, a few nails and some paint! 

Upcycling and recycling

Over the past few years, there has been a huge push on sustainability and reducing the amount of waste we produce. The pandemic has made us realise just how important it is to protect each other and the world we live in. As we continue to strive to be more environmentally friendly, expect upcycling and reuse trends to stick around.

Many homeowners are ditching the idea of buying a brand spanking new kitchen and are using their newly discovered creative skills to add life and vibrancy to what their home already has. Secondhand chic is the new trend on the block, proving that home transformations don’t have to cost a fortune!

Going green

Many homeowners and renters have recognised the benefit of having bits of nature in their surroundings, especially when last year’s lockdown periods meant many of us were unable to venture outside.

Not only is greenery great for helping with air circulation, but it can bring tranquil energy into your home and give you something to take care of (if you aren’t ready to take the plunge into being a pet parent yet).

Spaces to socialise

After almost two years of turning our kitchens and dining rooms into office spaces and classrooms, it’s time for them to return to their former glory and once again become the social hub of the home. /p>

We predict that many will put the love back into their kitchens and enjoy a meal around the table, creating cosy seating areas and places to talk about their day with loved ones around. Ditch the laptops and phones and reconnect with those that matter most over a hearty meal!

Perfect pops of colour

After a rather bleak couple of years, a dash of colour and vibrance is what we all need in our lives. Adding warm, bright tones to your kitchen, bathroom, and living spaces will help to encourage more light and depth into the space. A fresh lick of paint can transform any room and create the illusion of a full home overhaul if done correctly. Why not add in some colourful scatter cushions or a nice bright rug, such as this one by Think Rugs (pictured below), to further elevate your home’s aesthetic?

Pet-friendly interiors

We’ve all learned the benefits of having our furry friends around to keep us company during troublesome times recently, so it’s only right we make the home they share with us as comfortable as possible.

Some have gone as far as buying their pets their own sofa to lounge on, or even building an extra bedroom under the stairs for their pooches to get some shut-eye. We think multipurpose furniture will be big this year, such as cabinets that double as a hidden cat bed and cupboards designed specifically for housing your pets’ favourite toys.

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