Living in the Lockdown – What’s it Been Like For You?

Lockdown has affected us all very differently, but perhaps the one thing to unite us has been how much time we have had to spend in our homes. Whether we live in the country, suburb or city centre, never before have we been contained within the same four walls for such a long period of time.

So, to find out exactly how the nation has been coping during lockdown, we conducted a survey of over 1,000 people. Read on to discover the results, and get in touch to tell us about your lockdown living experience – connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

1. Most of us are feeling ‘quite positive’

What's your mood been like?
How would you describe your typical mood since quarantine began?

  • Very positive 11.66%
  • Quite positive 40.71%
  • Neither positive nor negative 27.60%
  • Quite negative 17.12%
  • Very negative 2.91%

2. We’ve enjoyed spending time with others

To what extent are you enjoying the additional time spent with family/household members?

  • Enjoying it very much 28.69%
  • Enjoying it quite a lot 34.88%
  • Neither enjoying it nor not enjoying it 28.60%
  • Not enjoying it very much 5.92%
  • Not enjoying it at all 1.91%

3. Even though other people can make it a little ‘stressful’

Since lockdown began, which of the following best describes the atmosphere in your home (participants who live with one or more people)?

  • Stressful 24.86%
  • Relaxed 21.75%
  • Happy 18.56%
  • Peaceful 11%
  • Loving 7.69%
  • Fun 6.23%
  • Argumentative 5.3%
  • Manic 4.64%

4. Living on your own is the key to a ‘happy’ home

Since lockdown began, which of the following best describes the atmosphere in your home (participants who live on their own)?

  • Happy 25.87%
  • Relaxed 21.51%
  • Peaceful 20%
  • Stressful 13.66%
  • Fun 6.69%
  • Manic 6.1%
  • Loving 5.52%
  • Argumentative 0.58%

5. Our living rooms are where we relax

Where in your house have you typically felt most relaxed during lockdown?

  • Living Room 40.16%
  • Bedroom 25.68%
  • Garden 22.50%
  • Kitchen 4.46%
  • Office 2.19%

6. Cleaning is our new hobby

To what extent has lockdown affected your cleaning habits?

  • My cleaning habits haven’t changed 33.97%
  • I have cleaned slightly more frequently 33.42%
  • I have cleaned significantly more frequently 22.59%
  • I have cleaned slightly less 7.67%
  • I have cleaned significantly less 2.37%

7. We’ve rediscovered our gardens…

Is there an area of your home where you have spent significantly more time during lockdown than you did before lockdown?

  • Yes – garden 24.98%
  • Yes – bedroom 16.68%
  • Yes – living room 17.96%
  • No 22.42%

8. …and they’re the main target of our DIY efforts

Have you begun what you would consider to be a significant DIY project since lockdown began?

  • No 53.73%
  • Yes – garden 26.05%
  • Yes – bedroom 10.56%
  • Yes – kitchen 6.92%
  • Yes – living room 6.28%

How do the results compare to your experience these past few months? Whether you have enjoyed the extra time spent at home, or struggled with the restrictions, we hope you’ve found a way to fall in love with your home and make it fit to purpose for the new normal. If you’re still looking for ideas of how to work from home, you might find this blog post useful: 12 ways to transform your home’s overlooked spaces.

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