The Linens Limited Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Whether you embrace it wholeheartedly, couldn’t care less, or simply use it as an excuse to go out midweek for a dinner and dancing – the big day is unavoidable.

It’s often the gift that can cause the most panic as the 14th February looms closer – selecting the perfect present to express how you feel about your other half can be tricky, and it can be made trickier still depending on how long you’ve been together!

But worry not, whatever stage you’re at in your relationship, we have the gift for you – read on and discover our Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Young love

It’s been two months, or less, you like one another, but is it going to be something serious? Or is it just a bit of fun? Worse still, now Valentine’s Day is on the horizon you’re going to have to make a declaration of some kind… Do you go silly and funny, slushy and romantic, or laid back and casual?

Dodge the fledgling relationship landmarks with our suggestions:


1. Slippers

Does your new paramour like to kick off their shoes when they’re at yours? Give them a pair of cosy slippers, so they don’t end up stealing your socks…


Get the look.

2. Hot water bottle

Give your new squeeze something to cuddle up to when you’re not around.


Get the look.

3. Apron

Does your new man fancy himself as a bit of a chef? Stroke his ego with a professional apron, and keep those breakfasts in bed a-coming.


Get the look.

Getting serious

You’ve made it past the six month mark, it’s now time to make a bit of space in your home for your significant other. Get a copy of your key cut and hand it over along with a spare drawer of their very own…

1. For her

Her bits and pieces are everywhere, and you keep finding hair grips on the floor. Keep everything contained and looking stylish while putting a big smile on her face at the same time.


Get the look.

2. For him

He doesn’t seem to know what a laundry basket is, and you’re sure there used to be a carpet in your bedroom underneath all those belts, ties and socks. Keep everything contained and stylish while putting a big smile on his face at the same time.


Get the look.

Honeymoon period

Ah, the first couple of years are the best! Embrace and enjoy your honeymoon period – you’ve found the love of your life and now it’s time to do some serious nesting as your two separate houses disappear and are replaced with one, love-filled home.


1. Bedding

Not too feminine, not too masculine – this classically simple bedding is the perfect fit for a couple who’ve recently moved in together.


Get the look.

2. Cushions

Get cosy on the couch and express yourselves with stylish cushions that tick all the right boxes.


Get the look.


3. Throws

Drape the sofa, and yourselves, in an extra-soft throw and embrace those Friday nights in with a glass of wine, takeaway and your boxset of choice.


Get the look.


You’ve made the commitment to one another, and now it’s time to write the next chapter of your lives together – transforming your home into a sanctuary that reflects both of your personalities. It’s all in the details!


1. Tablecloth

This is your house, your home – set the table and make it special with a beautiful tablecloth that oozes sophistication and the start of new marital traditions.


Get the look.

2. Towels

Nothing beats a fresh set of 100% cotton bath towels to envelop you and your other half after sharing a long, hot bubble bath on a cold winter’s evening.


Get the look.


This is it. You’re still full of love and every day serves to remind you exactly why you chose to be with this person for the rest of your days. It’s time to pull out the big guns and commit… with your interior stylings.


1. Curtains

A beautiful home deserves beautiful curtains. Invest in something extra special this Valentine’s Day.


Get the look.

2. Rugs

Make a bold statement about your relationship and splurge on a luxurious rug that will make an equally bold statement in your home.


Get the look.


Whatever statement you want to make this Valentine’s Day at whatever stage of a relationship you’re in, have a fantastic day and – at the very least – don’t forget to get them a card!


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