Interior Design Trends for 2023

The trends for interior design in 2023 are vast and varied. We expect to see innovative designs based on some fresh hues, textures, and materials, but new emotions are what matter most. Prevailing moods for emerging trends tend to focus on a spa-like sense of peace, or a lively and patterned decorative boost of delight. 

New trends in design can come from anywhere, with interior designers and social media homeowners alike contributing to up and coming styles by combining creative approaches with classic inspiration. Here, we take a look at what we expect to be some of the most popular trends for 2023. 


Interest in cost-effective interior design is a rising trend for 2023 as people around the world struggle with rising living expenses. We’d all prefer if things weren’t so difficult, but finding ways to make the situation work in our favour can lead to some beautiful interior design ideas. The best places to find unique items that can give a home a little character and flair are charity shops. This strategy is enabling more people than ever to personalise the interior décor of their homes without breaking the bank.

Thrifting can help bring older, pre-loved pieces from someone else’s home back to life and create a longer-lasting legacy for the piece. If you are strapped for cash, charity shops can be a place to find some truly unique pieces that you may not be able to find elsewhere. 

If you’re looking for a mismatched theme full of quirky designs, thrifting is the perfect way to go. 

Micro luxury

Due to the growing desire for opulent interiors in spite of limited resources, the micro luxury interior design trend is flourishing. Micro luxury entails going all-out glam in a little area, such as a nursery, galley kitchen, or bathroom. It could include completely furnishing the space or only concentrating on the essentials. It’s the ideal interior design trend for 2023 due to its combination of practical cost-saving measures and investment of lasting pieces.

One strategy for succeeding at the micro luxury interior design trend is to concentrate on a single component. This could be a bathroom with gold ornamentation, gold faucets, or a marble look. The colour scheme must reflect these bold choices and complement them – so, with gold faucets, why not try rich purples, or a deep blue? Or for the marble look, try something lighter, with white or grey tones. 

Another way to showcase luxury is to amp up your wallpaper. This can provide a feel of high-quality luxury without spending too much money. 


Japandi, as its name suggests, combines Scandinavian and Japanese design concepts. This results in an intriguing blending of two contrasting viewpoints on efficiency and minimalism. Even while the concept of a more minimalist approach to a home is well understood, some people may not necessarily want a place that looks like a show home or a hipster workplace.

On the Nordic side, there are elements like cool metal, angular lines, and basic colour schemes, but there is also the cosiness that comes with a yearning for warmth in the home (known as “hygge”). The Japanese design, on the other hand, uses materials like bamboo and rattan.

In essence, this trend combines a little bit of extra flair and personality with the benefit of low maintenance simplicity. With the “less is more” philosophy, you may choose striking colour contrasts and stylish-looking furniture without overcrowding or cramping the space.

Modernist curves

Modernist curves are a great alternative to straight lines if you want to switch things up in your home. Curved arches, rounded furniture, and a more playful interpretation of the minimalist design philosophy all contribute to a unique look that doesn’t stick out in the wrong way.

It is possible to establish a design that adds fascinating shapes and dimensions to your home, giving it a more distinctive feel than merely altering the wallpaper and furnishings could achieve. Examples include arched doorways, recessed shelves, and sweeping curves around the outside walls. This is a trend in interior design that will create a genuinely unique home!

Dark academia

First made popular on TikTok, dark academia is tearing through the interior design scene. The term “dark academia” describes a particular aesthetic that aims to be both melancholy and atmospheric. Here, the emphasis is on a vintage style reminiscent of an antique study or tea room.

This particular interior design fad is deemed “dark” because it also exploits elements of style associated with  the mystery genre. Most people are familiar with old-school whodunnit books and movies, in which a detective gathers all the suspects in one location, paintings appear to follow the viewer around the room, and secret passages are opened by lighting candles, opening books, or playing a specific note on a rickety piano. This is adapted into the dark academia aesthetic through the use of antique furniture, such as typewriters, record players, busts of famous people from history, and imposing couches. 

To achieve the dark academia look, stick to dark wood and deep colours for your walls. Look for velvet and plush soft furnishings to truly give that dark academic vibe. 


More and more people are either working permanently from home, or incorporating remote working into their weekly schedule. To maintain a healthy work-life balance they should select an area of their home as a source of peace and leisure as a counterpoint to a home office. Fortunately, there is a method to figuratively separate spaces in your house so that they feel cosier and provide you with a place to unwind after a day of remote working.

Sage green is very effective at creating a peaceful atmosphere, and is one reason why therapists will frequently advise patients to visualise forests or engage in forest bathing when they need to unwind internally and shut out more obtrusive thoughts.

In addition to green, this style’s colour schemes can also feature gold, charcoal, white and black, and clay, adding white and dark orange, or white and gold. Including plants and botanical designs is one method to enhance the sense of tranquillity you want to instil. A conservatory is the most obvious space in which this particular design would work, but you can also apply it to bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens to create the desired relaxing effect.

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