Instagram’s Top 2021 Bedroom Trends

As Instagram remains one of the most influential platforms in terms of fashion and interior style, we wanted to look at some of the top bedroom trends for 2021. We searched for some of the most popular accessories, colour schemes and prints and compiled a list of ones with the highest searches. 

  1.    #pampasgrass – 387,206 posts 
  2.    #hangingplants – 352,705 posts 
  3.    #accentwall – 227,436 posts 
  4.    #pendantlights – 198,695 posts 
  5.    #bohobedroom – 170,541 posts 
  6.    #wickerbasket – 100,050 posts 
  7.    #botanicalprints – 55,235 posts 
  8.    #abstractprint – 52,932 posts 
  9.    #geometricprint – 32,091 posts
  10.    #blackaccessories – 21,625 posts  

#pampasgrass – 387,206 posts

Pampas grass has become increasingly popular over the last year, and it’s definitely proving to be a hit on Instagram, with nearly half a million hashtag searches. Rather than just adding pampas grass into your bedroom, we love incorporating pampas-style prints as well for a soft, natural look. 

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#hangingplants – 352,705 posts 

Hanging plants are another great accessory to add to your bedroom this year. Whether you choose to opt for faux plants or real, they’re sure to complete your interior style perfectly. 

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#accentwall – 227,436 posts 

If you want to experiment with a bold colour or print, an accent wall is a great way to do so without fully committing to one consistent style. These pops of personality look stunning behind your headboard, allowing your bed and the accent wall to be the focal point of the room. 

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#pendantlights – 198,695 posts 

From elegant designs to rattan styles; pendant lights offer a unique, on-trend look that can be tailored to fit in with your current bedroom theme. There are also a lot of people searching for them, making them the ideal finishing touch to your bedroom! 

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#bohobedroom – 170,541 posts

One of the big trends of 2020 has continued into 2021 – thousands of people are still after a more minimalist, boho-chic bedroom style. People are favouring white and neutral tones, as well as natural materials and plants rather than an extravagant or overly glamorous sleeping space. 

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#wickerbasket – 100,050 posts 

Wicker baskets are pretty and practical, and can easily be styled into many different bedrooms. You can also choose between a natural toned basket, or grey and bolder colours, that look great in more vibrant settings. 

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#botanicalprints – 55,235 posts 

We love a botanical print for brightening up any sleep space and creating a timeless look. Style yours with earthy tones and natural wood for a stunning end result.

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#abstractprint52,932 posts 

Abstract art is continuing to make its way into people’s homes in 2021, and it looks great in the bedroom. You can add as much or as little abstract art to your room as you like, whether you choose to do so on the walls or with your bedding; we’re sure it’s going to look amazing!

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#geometricprint- 32,091 posts 

If you prefer a more modern approach to interior styling, geometric prints are a perfect choice. Incorporate them in your bedding for a bold yet stylish effect. 

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#blackaccessories – 21,625 posts 

Adding black accessories into your bedroom is the perfect way to add a touch of glamour without being too overpowering. Try adding black cushions, candle holders or prints to get a high-impact look

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