How to redecorate your kids’ bedroom


Your kids’ bedroom has to serve a number of functions. A bedroom, study and playroom all rolled into one, you will need to master organisation, comfort and safety whilst also accounting for their personality. Achieving this is no mean feat, especially when the latest trends can come and go faster than you can redecorate.

To get the design of your child’s bedroom right is it important to also take into account their ideas; whilst some might be a little wacky, you’ll be surprised at the innovative ideas that your little one will come up with. When it comes to practicality and versatility, this is where you can step in. You don’t want to keep redecorating when their favourite cartoon character becomes uncool, so make sure to go for décor that will grow with your child.

Painting the walls

Your child’s bedroom should be a personal space where they feel safe and can let their imagination run wild. Whilst it is important to flood the room with colour and graphics, try to create a versatile base that will work with future changes.

For a girly girl who wants a pink bedroom, choose a neutral off-white paint as the base. You can then add lots of fantastic pink accessories including lamps, curtains, cushions and rugs. Similarly, for a boy who loves blue, go with pale grey paint and then fill the room with lots of great accessories.

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Whatever your child’s favourite colour, go for a neutral complimentary colour to work as a backdrop. If you want to use a colour, opt for a pastel or muted hue that is ageless. You don’t have to use white or magnolia, just think outside the box to create a playful but stylish look.

How to choose furniture for your kids’ bedroom

IKEAYour kids’ bedroom is just like any other room in your house. If you invest in good quality, full size furniture it will grow with your child. If you go down this route it is best to go with neutral furniture that will match with whatever décor and accessories you have chosen. For a contemporary look go with a clean white or black wardrobe, desk and chest of drawers. Personalise your white furniture by painting drawer fronts or handles in your accent colour for a fun and playful look.

Traditional style wardrobes are a great choice if you want to create a fairytale or slightly whimsical feel to the room. The same rules applies to your child’s bedroom as with other rooms in your house, so simply stick to a theme and run with it.

If you children a sharing a room, traditional bunk beds are a great space-saver. Invest in twin beds that can be separated when they are older to create a more grown up feel. If you have limited space to play with, they are lots of fantastic beds to choose from with desks built underneath and clever storage solutions.

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The floor in your child’s bedroom is one of the most important features to get right. Easy to clean and hardwearing, wooden flooring has become one of the most popular choices for a kids’ bedroom. There are lots of different options available, so don’t think you’re limited to just oak.  Add a large colourful rug with anti-slip matting in the middle of the floor to give your child a soft place to sit and play.



Carpet will create a warm and cosy feel, but should be chosen in a versatile colour. If you can, opt for a quality carpet that has been ScotchGarded to prevent unsightly stains.

Curtains and bedding

This is where you can have some fun! Once you have created a blank canvas, it’s time to add some personality and fun with colourful curtains and bed linen. If you have a theme look for curtains and bedding that in relevant prints, remember they don’t have to match. Mixing patterns and colours will create an eclectic and fun feel, giving your kids’ bedroom some personality.


If your child has a favourite football team or cartoon character, why not add a personal touch with a themed duvet. At Linens Limited we have lots of fantastic kids’ duvet covers to choose from including The Gruffalo, dinosaur, fairy and football prints.

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