How to Hang Pencil Pleat Curtains

Unlike other types of curtains, pencil pleat curtains require a bit of extra work before they can be hung up. The main difference between pencil pleat and eyelet curtains is that they are made with cords that need to be set up properly before use. 

In the following guide, we will explain how to effectively set up your new pencil pleat curtains so they look neat and stylish. You can also apply many of these steps and considerations to the setting up of other types of curtains, too.

Before you start

Carefully unpack your curtains in a clear space with enough room, such as on the kitchen table. Keep them away from mess that could result in stains and ensure that you remove the packaging carefully with scissors, if necessary, so that you do not damage them.

You will need a curtain rail to hang them up on, which will need to be screwed or nailed into your wall above the desired window, and curtain rings which will attach to the curtain’s hooks. Depending on the style of your window, you may want to get a rail that protrudes further out from the wall or less. One that protrudes further will allow your curtains to wrap around a radiator or an extended window sill better, but may let in more light than a more compact rail, which will leave less space around the edges of the window.

You should make sure that both the rail and your curtains are the right length before doing anything. You can do this by simply holding them up to the window to make sure that it will be covered when they are properly hung. There should also be enough space at the edges of the rail so the curtains can fold when drawn back.

Preparing pencil pleat curtains for hanging

If your curtains came folded or creased in the packaging, you can gently iron them, though this issue will gradually fade over time as they are used, so this is not a necessary step. 

The tops of pencil pleat curtains are made with a fabric that is intended to have hooks placed throughout that then hang onto the curtain rail. This must first be set up, and can be done so by locating the four cords at each end, and knotting the ends together – do this for both sides. 

Holding this knot, gently work the length of the cords out of the curtains so they bunch together in an alternating fold pleat pattern – the way they should look when they are drawn back. Gather the curtain together at the opposite end and ensure that each pleat is evenly sized as you do so. Once you have done this, tie another knot in the end of the cord so that the pleats can not fall back out.

Then attach the curtain hooks in between the folds. Ensure they are distributed evenly across the length of the curtain so they hang straight.

Hanging pencil pleat curtains

When they are ready for hanging, attach the hooks to the pole rings and hang the curtain. If they look wrong, or do not hang straight, this may be due to uneven distribution of the hooks or the pleats. They may take some small adjustments to get correct, but once they are you should be able to draw them back and forth neatly.

If you need to wash the curtains, simply unhook them, untie the cords and lay them out flat. The curtains can then be bundled into a washing machine. Ensure that you understand what materials they are made from before doing so, however, as washing them incorrectly could cause damage, shrinking or fading of colour. Check out our TikTok cleaning hacks for more top tips on how to wash your curtains. 

What types of pencil pleat curtains should I get?

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