How to get the ‘Japandi’ look in your home

Japandi is the interior design fusion of Japanese elegance and the cosy-rustic Scandinavian style. Hailed as the ‘new minimalism’, the look incorporates all of your favourite elements from both cultural aesthetics, blending them together to create highly functional but warm and inviting spaces.

When combined successfully, the two styles bring out the best in one another through the contrast in their key elements. The neutral tones of the Nordic look are brought to life with the rich colour palette of Japan, while the rustic nature of Scandinavian pieces add texture to the otherwise overtly-sleek Japan aesthetic.

Read on for interior design inspiration and discover how you can recreate the Japandi look in your home.

Embrace different textures

Incorporate layers of different textures and tones in your interior design to create depth and further enhance the organic feel of the Japandi style.

Incorporate geometric touches

Bring out the natural pieces in your home by pairing them with bold geometric shapes in your soft furnishings. This contrast of natural world and modernist patterns is classic Japandi.

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Keep it minimal

The trick to capturing the Japandi style is to apply the key elements of minimalism to Scandinavian design. If you already have a minimal interior design aesthetic, add plants and natural textures to bring life to your space.

simple white bedroom with low wooden bed and white bed linen

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Use natural materials

Bamboo, wood, rattan, hessian, wool, linen and cotton are all your friends when it comes to creating an organic and peaceful sense of home throughout your living quarters.

living room with rattan cupboard and white throw over white sofa

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Embrace the plant life

Both Japan and Scandinavian cultures strongly value nature and plantlife, so don’t be afraid to embrace house plants big and small into your interior design.

grey living room with dark grey sofa and a large, ceiling high house plant 

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Enjoy colour

Your home doesn’t have to be white to be Japandi, deep hues on your walls offer the perfect balance to pared-back furniture and soft furnishings.

blue living room

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The joy of Japandi is that there is lots of room to improvise and try new things – there is no ‘one’ way to create the look. Take your time and experiment with textures, tones and materials until you find your own personal blend of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics.

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