How to dress your table for Halloween

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Hosting a Halloween party for friends and family? If you want to put on a spooktacular event this Halloween, take a look at our top tips for creating a magical table that friends and family of all ages will enjoy.

Deciding on your theme

Although it might sound a little odd, it is important to first decide on your Halloween theme. You may want to go for a family friendly, fun style or a dark and more macabre theme; the choice is up to you.  

Here at Linen’s we’re going to break all the rules and go for a mixture of the two. Keeping it fun, we’ve also got some grown-up finishes touches you can add to your stylish table.

Getting the table linen

As with any themed table, it is important to get the foundations right first. Sticking to the Halloween theme we recommend opting for a black or orange table cloth. Our Poletti Chopin faux silk tablecloth in Bronze would make the perfect setting for your Halloween celebrations. Vintage inspired with a hint of Victorian chic it’s a sure fire winner.  To top it off add a black table runner and our Charlotte Thomas Forta Napkins.

Halloween table cloths

Florals and centrepiece

For your Halloween table you’ll need something a little special. For a simple but effective floral arrangement get some white roses and pop into your nearest toy shop for some plastic spiders. Arrange the roses in a gothic vase and top with the spiders. Use wire for your local haberdashery to hang spiders from the roses.

If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, why not create a pumpkin basket. The kids can also get involved in this with adult supervision. Carve your pumpkin into basket by hollowing out the insides. Who complete fill with your favourite dark flowers.

Halloween centerpiece


Candles and placeholders

Turn a standard white taper into a Halloween spectacle. Simply place your white taper into a bucket of sand. Light a red candle and tip it over the white candle until the wax drips down the sides; this will give your candles a sinister glow.

Create placeholders for guests in two ways. Download a bat template and cut the design out. You can either roll our black Fimo and cut the design out before baking or, trace round the design on black card and cut out.

halloween placeholders

Image left: Image right:

Indoor decorations

Get the kids involved to decorate your dining room. Buy some yellow and orange balloons and blow up. Once inflated get the kids to draw spooky pumpkin faces on with a marker pen. You can also stick on designs cut out from cardboard using a glue stick. 

Using black cardboard cut-out lots of bats in different sizes, you can also make a bat chain. Similar to a paper chain, simply fold your paper in four and cut the design out. If you never made one before; here are some instructions and a free downloadable guide.

halloween decorations


Don’t forget to hand some faux cob webs from your lights and furniture for a dramatic and spooky finishing touch. 

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