How to create a home spa in your bathroom

Having a comfortable and relaxing bathroom to bathe and unwind in can help ease anxiety and provide you with that much-needed quiet time away from any other distractions.

This guide will explain which products can elevate your home’s bathroom and transform it into a tranquil space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Which bathroom products should you add?

To create the perfect home spa in your bathroom, you should look to introduce tranquillity into the space. Candles, plants, pebbles and other grounding objects that can reaffirm the natural and relaxing atmosphere you are trying to achieve will help you to relax and realise your bathroom as a sanctuary.

Natural objects and materials work best in a bathroom setting, so things like wooden side tables and soap trays, wicker baskets, and soft cotton towels will make your space feel calming, clean and rejuvenating.

Try to keep your space free of clutter and distractions by having some tidy bathroom storage or a wash basket available to house any used towels and clothing before it is washed. Having these products left on the floor or strewn across the room can disturb the balance of the space and make your bathroom feel smaller.

For bathrooms that have cold tile floors or surfaces that can be slippery when wet, make the space more comfortable by adding in cushioned bath mats that match your bathroom’s interior.

Find your style

A neutral-coloured bathroom is often most inviting and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It will be bright and airy during daylight hours and can be made cosy with a few candles during the evening.

Likewise, greys and green tones are very popular, especially for those who are looking to replicate the appearance of a traditional stone-walled underground spa. Sandy brown tones can even be incorporated to help your bathroom transport you to faraway lands as you sink blissfully into your bath.

Incorporating candles

Of course, you have to be strategic with where you place your candles – both for the relaxation benefits and for health and safety reasons.

Make sure that your candles are on a stable surface where they won’t be knocked or tipped over. Avoid placing them on top of wood or material surfaces, and make sure there’s nothing that could fall onto them, such as towels or flammable bath and beauty products.

Placing your candles around the edge of the room will help to create a soothing, low-light atmosphere. Introduce more candles to brighten your space up, or fewer if you want your room to be dimly lit and allow your eyes to rest so that your other senses can take over.

Candles with calming scents, such as sandalwood and lavender, can be used to ease your mind and body, help release tension and further elevate your bathroom ‘spa’ experience.

Further indulgence

As a spa experience is something that is considered a treat, it’s only right that you further indulge by incorporating other treats into your ‘spa time’. For example, you can enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple, some soothing music, or even splash out on some special, luxurious bath products, towels and loungewear to complete the ideal comforting experience. We recommend a large Egyptian cotton bath sheet, a snug dressing gown and some soft and breathable pyjamas to dry off and wrap up in after some well-deserved ‘you’ time.


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