How to choose the best colour for your child’s bedroom?

coloured childrens bedroom

When it comes to children’s bedrooms, one of the most important things is the colour. Playing around with a mix of different shades and tones can create a really great place for your children to be inspired by day and relax at night. Here are our top tips for choosing colour in your child’s room

  • If your child is old enough, let them help you pick colours. They know what they like and if you guide them towards a choice of things you like too, you’ll be able to agree on something that suits both your child’s personality and you home.

childs bedroom colourways

  • Don’t age the room. Cartoon characters and flower fairies might be something your child is into now, but chances are they will change their mind about what they like. Therefore don’t paint a mural on the wall. Instead, opt for posters or pictures that can be changed as your child changes their tastes. 
  • Don’t forget to get creative. Why not make decorating with colour a fun craft activity you can all enjoy. Creating lampshades and pencil holders in bold colours to match the room will be a great activity for you to do together. Search Pinterest for ideas!


  • Don’t rule out neutral colours. Sometimes if you leave the walls a natural colour, and experiment with colourful bedding, or curtains can give great accents to a room, without the need for paint. You can also match rugs, lampshades and stuffed animals with the colours of your curtains and bedding. This is great if you’re renting a property and are not allowed to paint.
  • Choose colours by age. Bold primary colours are not the best colours for a baby’s room. However as your child learns to sleep better, you can experiment with brighter colours.

pastel colour childrens bedroom

  •  Consider black (but not all over) Many parents choose not to have black in their child’s room, and discount it straight away. However, it can be a great way to get creative. Why not think of using a black wall like a chalkboard, or sticking rockets and stars on to create a space themed room!
  • Don’t stop at block colours. Consider having a mix of colours on one wall, whether you’d like to write inspirational quotes or the ABC! 

brightly coloured childrens bedroom

The most important thing to consider is how to pull the look together. Your bedding and curtains should not necessarily be complementary. Clashing colours can create a great look to a room too, so have fun choosing!

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