Father’s Day Picks from Linens Limited

This month marks a special day for fathers all over the world – it’s Father’s Day on 21st June! We’ve put together a guide (including some truly awful dad jokes) for you to find something perfect for your dad. Once you’ve finished laughing (or groaning) at the jokes, don’t forget to get your dad something special to show how much you care, and to help him to enjoy Father’s Day from the comfort of his own home.

Bedding for a king

Why did the composer spend all his time in bed? He wrote sheet music.

If your dad loves nothing more than a lazy lie-in at the weekend, why not buy some high-quality bedding to encourage him to enjoy the day in ultimate comfort? Click on the links below to shop the items, browse from our entire range here, or shop for pure Egyptian cotton bedding here.

Father's Day Picks Linens Limited

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A hint of luxury underfoot

I got 20% off at the local carpet shop. I’m going to have to buy a big rug now to cover that bit.

Sorry, we couldn’t help it… Find a great rug at Linens Limited to add a little luxury to your dad’s man cave with a faux hide or plush rug. Click on the links below to find the perfect rug for your dad, or browse all of our rugs here. Make sure it’s the good kind of rug. Not the kind that will blow away in a stiff breeze.

Linens Limited Father's Day Rug

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A nice evening at home

Another nice evening at home? It is looking likely that dads all over the UK will be staying at home for Father’s Day this year, so we’re including some indulgent items so your father can wrap himself up in and park himself in front of your TV for the day. All jobs can wait for the day!

Shop for luxury robes and slippers today, or click on the links below to find the products.

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