Completing your newborns room: The essentials

Green baby shoes on cot

When it comes to having a baby, there are so many books around telling you how to look after them, such as sleep training manuals, feeding advice and more. However, what seems to be lacking in many of these manuals is advice of what you need to have to hand in your newborns bedroom.  With that in mind, we’ve combined the advice of a few seasoned pro’s to bring you some of the best items to invest in that will make your baby’s bedroom just perfect.

Buying a cot

Investing in a good cot is essential. Although your newborn will likely spend the first 6 months of its life in your room, in a bassinet, you’ll soon be making the move into putting them in their own room. Therefore choosing a cot that will last you a while is the most important thing. These days its possible to buy cot beds that convert right the way up to toddler beds, by lifting, and swapping the sides, so this is one way to save money. Whether you buy new, or second hand, its important to choose a new mattress to support your little ones growing body though. 

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Changing and Bathing

A changing table is next. Although many mums prefer to change baby on the floor, bending over in this manner can exacerbate any back problems, so it may be wise to invest in a combined change table/bath to save on space and give your aching back a break.

Cot Mobile

A mobile is really a matter of taste. Whilst some parents swear by them, others thing they keep baby awake, so this is one to have a good long think about. If you do decide to get one, studies have shown that black and white, and mirrors can inspire your baby to interact, whilst soft lullaby ones can lull your baby gently off to sleep.

Cupboards and Wardrobes

Storage is next. You will NEVER believe how much space little people need for all their paraphernalia. It’s almost worth having an extra room to store all their stuff in. However, they’re not little for long, so buy something that will likely fit your child’s things in, well into toddlerhood and beyond. However tempting it may be to purchase something really cute and babyish, when your little one turns 5 or 6, they wont thank you for it!

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Making your room baby friendly

If you do want to make their room a tribute to babyhood, the best way to do this is using materials that can easily be changed as your child grows. Gorgeous cuddly bedding, and curtains, and stick on borders and murals for the walls are things that will certainly create the ideal bedroom for a newborn, and you’ll easily be able to change the room as they grow. 

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