Christmas table decoration ideas

Christmas table setting

With less than four weeks to go until the big day, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas table decoration ideas. Whether you’re aiming for an intimate setting this year or hosting Christmas dinner for the whole street, your Christmas table should be the focal point of the day.

If you’re struggling with this year’s table preparations or looking for something different, then have no fear. We’ve scoured the web for the best Christmas table decoration ideas, including coordinated table linen and additional festive touches to impress friends and family on the big day. If you’re working with a tight budget this year or looking to relax this Christmas you can still create a stylish table with our easy and inexpensive DIY ideas.

Themes & colour schemes

Christmas table decoration ideas and colour schemes

Choosing a theme or colour scheme should be the first step of decorating your table for Christmas. Opting for red and green is certainly festive, but if you’re looking to do something a little different this year, why not try a more modern colour scheme and dress up with festive accents.

Two toned

Aim for Christmas sophistication with a simple yet refined two-toned colour scheme. Keep your theme festive with a white and gold or white and silver colour palette, using glittery accents for an eye-catching design. Alternatively ditch the cliché Christmas colours altogether and choose an ultra-modern black and white scheme. Create your own Christmas silhouettes with festive icons such as reindeer and fir trees all in elegant black, and a backdrop of crisp white table linen.

Bright and bold

If you’re looking for the wow factor this Christmas then go bright and bold with your Christmas table decoration ideas. Go completely multi-coloured or handpick a few of your favourite colours as the focus point of your theme, like the vibrant pink, blue, green and orange of this bold table setting. You can pile up bright baubles in sleek and modern bowls, and also scatter around the table to create bursts of eye-catching colour on fresh table linen. To really make a statement, match your colour scheme to your Christmas tree and create a truly coordinated look this Christmas.

Tablecloths and table runners

Christmas table cloth and table runner ideas

As the backdrop to your whole design, it is important not to underestimate your table cloth. Fresh white table linen can provide a crisp canvas for your creative table settings, while a decorative runner can give your traditional Christmas table a modern twist.

Checks and tartan

Instead of candy cane inspired stripes, why not incorporate some gingham checks in your Christmas table decoration ideas this year. Use red and white checks for a more festive focused design, while black and white checks offer a more contemporary feel. Dress up your checks however you like with fresh greenery, pine cones and stag motifs for a traditional log cabin inspired look. We particularly love the log place mats in this design, and the use of a vintage style blanket as a table cloth in this Christmas table setting. Conveniently, this type of look can be used all throughout the winter months and even beyond, giving you more value for your money.


To make your Christmas table decorations really stand out, provide a textured backdrop with your table runner. This country inspired burlap table runner creates a simple scandi inspired look and balances out glittery table ornaments. Use contemporary table decorations such as baubles and festive shapes to contrast with your table runner for a unique festive look. If you think burlap is a little plain for your tastes, you can also dress up your table runner by using festive stamps to print in red, gold or silver. Even printing some simple gold polka dots can dramatically change its look.

Place settings

Christmas table place settings and name cards

Friends, family and guests will spend the whole meal sat at one, making your place settings an important part of your Christmas table decorations. Place mats can complement or contrast with crockery and dinnerware, while stylish handmade name settings can help create a formal yet intimate atmosphere.

Mini wreaths

For a simple and festive name setting, try using a miniature wreath with a simple name card. Mini wreaths are easy to purchase online or from your local hobby store, but if you’re feeling extra creative why not make your own? Obtain a wire wreath frame or polystyrene wreath frame from any craft shop and decorate with greenery as you see fit. The great thing about these Christmas place settings is you can style as you wish to suit your colour scheme. Opt for traditional fir leaves and appropriately coloured mini baubles, or simple grapevine for a pared back country look.

Snowflake place mats

While it’s easy and inexpensive to buy your own cloth place mats in keeping with your colour scheme, it’s also pretty simple to make your own. Either shop around for some patterned fabric to suit your tastes and cut out your own, or buy or make your own snowflake placemats. Taking some thick card, cover in felt using a strong glue or simply spray paint and add glitter in a colour of your choice. Grab a template off the web and use to trace and cut your snowflake design. You can even create some coasters to match. These DIY placemats look great in a bright colour to make your place settings stand out.

Christmas centerpieces

Easy and fun Christmas centerpieces

No Christmas table decorations would be complete without a Christmas centerpiece. To make a grand statement over the holidays create a large centerpiece, or for a more intimate setting opt for smaller centerpieces spread throughout the table. Centerpieces are easy to make and can also have a big impact for little effort.

Baubles and bowls

This is one of the easiest Christmas table decoration ideas by far and works great as a statement Christmas decoration elsewhere in the home. We love the sophisticated effect of the baubles in this cloche, but you can also use bell jars, vases and bowls for a similar effect. Simply fill with baubles in your desired style and colour scheme for easy Christmas centerpieces. For a dramatic effect, add other festive decorations such as pine cones and tinsel, keeping to your colour scheme. Some centerpieces even make the use of fake snow! Go as crazy or as minimalist as you like.

Naturally glamorous

Go back to nature and glitz up some natural materials to create smaller Christmas centerpieces. This sparkly forest is easy to make with some birch stumps or any other natural tree stump you can find or buy. This design uses gold and silver trees, tea lights and deer figurines that are all easily available from hobby and craft stores. If, however, you want to try something a little different, simply swap out the colours or figurines for something more to your tastes. The great thing about this Christmas centerpiece is you can switch it up and make it as big or as small as you like, and is easy to spread out and cluster along a large dinner table without getting in anyone’s way.

Finishing touches

Finishings touches and bonus Christmas table decoration ideas

Sometimes it’s all about the details. For a truly spectacular table this year, we’ve found some final Christmas table ideas that are easy to do and won’t break the bank.

1. Buy some sparkly shapes or confetti and sprinkle on your table. If you’re feeling creative, you can even use a craft punch to create your own in your desired colour scheme.

2. Break out the best china and opt for some elegant plates to fit your theme. If you fancy some new dinnerware but don’t have the budget, simply switch out the salad plate or soup bowl on top.

3. Stock up on some Christmas tea towels and use them as fancy napkins. You can also fold them into triangles and add a gold star to turn your napkins into Christmas trees.

4. Tie some wreaths or ribbon around the backs of your dinner chairs.

5. If you want to do something that doesn’t just involve baubles, why not try wrapping some miniature presents in fancy paper to scatter on your table.

6. Spray paint some pine cones in festive red and silver or any other colour of your choice. You can also create a glitzy effect by adding a touch of glitter.

7. Decorate some empty bottles with wrapping paper and ribbon to make some rustic yet stylish candleholders.

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