Choosing the right colours for your home: Linens Limited colour palette quiz

Image showing paint colour charts

If you are a homeowner (or a renter with a laid-back landlord) and you’re looking for some color inspiration for your home, it can be difficult to know where to start. One element you might want to consider before you start committing paint to walls is colour psychology, which is how a colour can impact you and your home. 

Interiors queen Sophie Robinson wrote about it in her post here (and runs an amazing color psychology course if you’re interested!), but the basic concept is that certain colours can mean different things and produce unexpected side effects. For example, you may already think that red is associated with danger, but did you know it also encourages people to be hungry? You might have seen reds used in your favourite restaurant, or you might be familiar with Farrow & Ball’s iconic Eating Room Red

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, before you start arranging a colour consultation with an expensive paint company, our experts have put together a handy quiz to help you identify the very best tones for every room in your home.

What are you waiting for? Take the quiz here, and tell us how you got on! Find us on Facebook and Instagram. 

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