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Now that leaving the house has become such a rare thing, cultivating the right look for your living space has become more important than ever.

As any homemaker worth their salt will know, this means choosing and matching the right colours for each room of the house to create a vibe that’s on-trend, yet still homely.

Fortunately, right now, those two aims are very much the same thing – in their picks for the top colour trends for spring and summer 2020, the experts at the Pantone Color Institute said that “friendly and relatable” hues are very much in this season, as people around the world turn to home comfort in troubling times.

So what does that mean for your home? In this article, we’ll pick out some of the most popular and fashionable colour choices you can make this season, giving you a great way to make your living space feel fresh and contemporary through those long lockdown days and nights!


It’s hard to imagine that blue will ever go out of style, with Pantone picking out a rich, comforting and subdued classic blue as their official 2020 colour of the year.

There are few hues that better capture that sense of calming serenity than a rich blue, whether you’re opting for a refreshing sky blue or the darker appeal of some navy cushions or navy bedding.

At a time when a lot of people might be feeling a little down, it’s ironic that there are few better colours than blue to… well, to chase the blues away!

Riva Home Infinity Cushion Cover, Mineral Blue
Emma Barclay Damask Rose Tablecloth, Sax Blue
Flair Rugs Veloce Sparkle Shaggy Rug, Blue
Belledorm 200 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover, Navy Blue, Super King


Another popular comfort colour, pink is often thought of as a loud, attention-grabbing hue, but more and more homes are starting to embrace the softer and prettier appeal that gentler shades of pink can offer.

Pantone picked out coral pink as one of its top colours for the season, after choosing “Living Coral” as its colour of the year for 2019, while blush pink – also known as ‘millennial pink’ – curtains and dusty pink bedding are also coming to prominence in a big way.

If you’ve never thought about experimenting with a splash of pink in your home decor before, now’s the perfect time to try it out!

Furn Himalaya Jacquard Eyelet Lined Curtains, Blush Pink
Think Rugs Vista 2236 Shaggy Rug, Pink
Night Zone Easy Care Polycotton Fitted Sheet, Pink


For those who want to get a little bolder with their choices, adding some yellow accents to your home can add to that feeling of warmth and liveliness without overpowering the place.

Pantone recommends saffron as a top pick, thanks to its impactful look and associations with exotic cuisine, and it’s certainly a colour that makes a statement. Why not add some mustard yellow cushions to your space to spice things up and create some real visual energy?

Even if you don’t want to theme your entire decor around a bold yellow, it’s possible to use this colour sparingly and still make a big impression.

Furn Irwin Woodland Print Eyelet Lined Curtains, Mustard
Scatter Box Lennox Velour Feather Filled Cushion, Grey/Yellow
Scatter Box Velour Duo Filled Cushion, Yellow/Charcoal
Paoletti Paisley Embellished Cushion Cover, Yellow


Green is another colour that brings a lot of freshness to a space. You might already be thinking of adding some grass green to tie in with spring, but for something a bit more out of left-field, it might be worth considering a more aqua shade of green.

Teal cushions are becoming a very popular choice in many homes, while the experts at Pantone settled on a striking bluish shade of biscay green among their picks for the season, pointing out its refreshing look and transportative effect.

Add a splash of this shade to your home before a video chat, and you’ll have your virtual visitors looking green with envy!

Flair Rugs Pearl Shaggy Hand Made Rug, Mint Green
Dreams ‘N’ Drapes Florence Floral Quilted Bedspread, Green
Universal Plain Daylight Roller Blind, Sea Green
Emma Barclay Waves Cotton Chenille Bath Mat & Pedestal Mat Set, Sage Green

Grey and white

Some shades simply never go out of style, and that’s definitely the case with grey and white. Simply put, these colours can go with pretty much anything, and that’s why so many homes will be looking to offset their bolder colour choices with a comforting grey or white base shade.

The impact of a touch of blue, pink or yellow can be greatly accentuated when placed against some clean grey bedding and duvet covers, or paired with a white throw or some white curtains. It’s hard to go wrong with these simple monochrome shades, which might embolden you to take some bigger risks elsewhere.

For many, quarantine will be a time of self-discovery and experimentation with home decor, and that’s brilliant – but sometimes, it can be equally rewarding to just go with the classics!

Catherine Lansfield Canterbury Floral Reversible Quilted Bedspread, Grey
Paoletti Roma Crushed Velvet Cushion Cover, Petrol,
Belledorm Crompton Quilted Jersey Bed Runner, Grey

Belledorm Waffle Weave 100% Cotton Duvet Cover Set, White
Riva Home Fiji Faux Silk Eyelet Lined Curtains, White
Linens Limited 100% Turkish Cotton 10 Piece Towel Bale, White

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