Best Green Bedroom Design Ideas

The colour green represents a number of things, from freshness to nature. A green bedroom can leave its owner feeling positive and peaceful, but clutter and non-matching items may offset this.

In the following guide, the team at Linens Limited have assessed the different ways you can design a green bedroom to bring out the best environment for sleep.

Consider Your Colour

Green hues come with different connotations; emerald green might evoke feelings of class, deep green brings a piney, woodland theme, while sage green is more neutral and simple.

When choosing a colour, you should consider the aim of designing your bedroom. If you are looking to create the ideal space for relaxing, consider going with forest green rather than a more energising lime green.

You should also include some other colours that go well with your green colour palette. Off-white, pale or navy blues and browns will all work to add to the calming and natural theme of the room. Opt for pale or dark tones instead of bright ones to ensure that your colours do not clash and counteract the calming properties of a fresh green central theme.

If you are aiming for a more energising and inspiring room, however, soft greens and pinks are common combinations that are certain to be more unique due to their contrasting elements.

Choose the Right Furniture

Both modern and rustic aesthetics work well with green bedrooms, and you may want to style these relative to the type of green you have chosen. While pale green walls may work best with modern furniture, such as wardrobes and cabinets in greys and whites, deeper shades of green may be best accompanied by dark, pine wood end tables or a desk.

Make Use of Lighting

Avoid harsh, white lights and instead choose a warming glow of yellow. If you have a ceiling light, find a shade that will bring its intensity down to meet the calming nature of the rest of the room. To go a step further, buy lamps and bulbs with a more gentle glow, and place only a few around the room for softer lighting. This will work well with dark walls by creating a restful environment before bed. Intense lights are bad for the eyes, especially before bed, so having the option to dim your bedroom will aid you when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

If your room has good natural light, this will work wonders for creating that natural feeling by flooding the room with sunlight during the day. If you find that street lights cast unwanted light into your room, installing curtains in darker shades will allow you to control this while also adding to the theme of the room.

Add Calming Accessories

There is nothing better to set the mood for a room than by decorating it with furnishings that reflect the theme. Potted plants and candles, incense or a diffuser will add desirable scents to your space, allowing you to relax in the best way for you.

Framing photos with dark wood or modern, light grey borders will accentuate your green bedroom scheme in a subtle but effective way. When designing a space for yourself, fill it with things that bring you positive emotions, but avoid cluttering it as this may make it more difficult to clean or overload your senses and cause you stress.

Find Green Bedroom Ideas From Linens

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