Be Ready For The Beach This Summer With Our Range Of Beach Towels

Beach Towels

If you are looking for stylish beach towels for your holiday this summer then look no further as we have a colourful collection for the whole family to ensure you are ready to hit that beach!

Beach Towels

This Tropical Fish beach towel is made from 100% Egyptian cotton complete with a silk velour finish.

Tropical Fish Beach Towel

Fully absorbent, this beach towel has been manufactured for durability and will last for many summer holidays in the sun.

It’s eye catching design will certainly brighten up your holiday and for just £9.95 too!

Don’t fancy fish on your towel, how about footprints instead?

Footprint Beach Towel

We love this funky footprint beach towel which is again made 10% cotton and finished with a silk velour finish.

It’s definitely another eye catching design from our range that could be a big hit with many children.

This towel is also a great price at just £9.95.

This tropical flowers beach towel could be one for the girls in the family with it’s brightly coloured design!

Tropical Flower Beach Towel

Featuring tropical flowers to give the Hawaiian look, this towel will look great on any sun lounger or on the sand!

Thanks to its soft velour finish it makes it beautiful and soft to lie on.

Priced at just £9.95 we think it’s a must have on your packing list this summer!

How about this Starfish towel for a real taste of the beach?

Starfish Beach Towel

We love the bright orange and yellow design of this towel that is perfect for any holiday and just £9.95 too!

Fancy a more “subtle” beach towel, then how about the Dobby Stripe towel?

Dobby Stripe Beach Towel

We love the contrast of the stripes and bright colours which are a perfect for any member of the family on their summer holidays.

The Dobby stripe towel is priced at just £7.95.

All our beach towels are fully absorbent and have been manufactured for durability that will last for many summers.

Why not make your sunbathing more comfortable this holiday with an inflatable pillow?

The Design Go Travel Sun Soaker Inflatable Pillow by purpleturtle is perfect for those that love to lounge whether it’s soaking up the sun or simply reading a book!

Inflatable Sun Soaker Pillow

Simply use the built in clip to attach to your towel and you instantly have a pillow allowing you to take a quick snooze whilst listening to the sound of the sea!

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