What type of towel should I buy?

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Here at Linens Limited we know that after your long soak in the bath or hot refreshing shower,  you need to step onto a lovely soft bathmat or wrap yourself up in a soft, fluffy towel. However, understanding the type of fabrics you need and buying the right size set of towels for you and your family can be tricky …so here’s how to choose the right size or style that you need;


Naturally when decorating any room in your home, the accessories should compliment the overall colour scheme, and the same applies for your bathroom. What colour towels would suit your decor best? Do they need to have more of a pattern? Keep in mind what will go with your bathroom design before making a purchase. 

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Weights of towelling

Weight doesn’t refer to the amount a towel weighs on a scale, the weight of a towel is measured in gsm which means grams per square metre. This relates to the weight of the fabric (which is usually cotton) woven into a square metre of towelling. Most customers assume that the heavier the towel, the more absorbent it is but you must also consider the type of cotton used as well to ensure you receive the absorbency you need. 

Heavyweight – 700-900gsm

Heavyweight towels are the most absorbent and tend to feel warm and a lot more substantial in use, they also last longer than lighter towels. 

Medium Weight – 400-600gsm

Medium weight towels are perfect for the family home – they are just as absorbent as heavyweight towels, but are lighter and much faster drying.

Lightweight – 150-350gsm

Lightweight towels are the most versatile as they are quick to wash and can be taken away with ease. They are woven from thicker cotton, so they can still be as absorbent as a heavier gsm.

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Types of cotton towelling

Cotton is mainly used for making towels and towelling robes because not only is it soft and fluffy, it’s naturally breathable and absorbent – allowing air and water to pass through with ease and then dry quickly. Here at Linens Limited we stock 2 main types of cotton for our towels and bath linen;

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is one of the softest and most luxurious cottons in the world. Known for its strength, durability  egyptian cotton towels are also really soft, warm and absorbent. 

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Turkish cotton

Aegean turkish cotton is a soft and lightweight towelling – made with an innovative spinning technique giving the yarns a special twist and creates air channels around the fibers, making the towel highly absorbent and fast drying.

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What size towel do I need?

The sizes of towel differ to work in different situations, for example you can have a hand towel for the guest bathroom or a face cloth for your personal use but they can be made of the same material. Consider what sizes of towels you need for you and your family, a bath towel would be the perfect size for children but perhaps too small for your long bath soaks. Always be sure to check the dimensions of the towel you are buying to see if it suits your specifications. 

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