6 ways to style your bedroom with bed sheets

Having a beautiful bedroom doesn’t have to take too much time or money. Your bed linen can reflect your personal taste, home architecture or any artistic style you are wanting to try that week – without the need for an interior designer! No matter what your budget, you can always find the duvet covers, quilts and pillow cases to give you the bedroom you’ve always wanted.

1.) Centre of attention 

No matter what size of bed you have, your bed sheets will always be the focal point of your design. Choose matching shades and coherent fabrics to suit the feel of your bedroom – do you prefer a modern, sleek style or a warm farm house vibe? Your bed linen and cushions will need to reflect your taste.


2.) Be artistic

Your bedroom can be filled with creative pieces and artwork that can match your bed linen. From famous prints to decorative flowers and furniture, you can blend your duvet and pillow covers to blend into the decor – creating a visually stunning room.


image credit: scentsbyeilena.com

3.) Think outside the box

If you are looking for quirky or affordable features – why not have a look for old hair ribbons or fabrics that you no longer need to give your bed linen or bedroom decor new curtain ties, throw or wall decoration.


image credit: upcycled-wonders.com

4.) Mix and Match

You don’t need to have perfectly matching bed sheets every time you change your bed. Invest in several bedding sets with similar designs or colour schemes, so you can mix and match the valance, pillow cases or bed sheets with other sets to keep your look fresh and interesting.


5.) Cushions and throws

Make affordable or simple bedding stand out with extra throws or cushions – you can change the design or colour scheme with different pillows or quilts added to the bed spread. Different sizes of pillows can be used around the room to accent the decor and add depth to your colour and patterns.


6.) Waste not want not

Any old bedding that you can no longer use on your bed can be transformed into the perfect accessory. Whether you want to cover an old headboard, make cushion covers or wall decoration with an old duvet – you’ll be surprised to learn what you can upcycle and refresh your bedroom.


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