6 tips to detox your home for the year ahead

As we move into January, your home is probably suffering a little from all the extra love and attention you’ve thrown at it during the weeks of winter festivities.

Perhaps it’s come under strain from the masses of family and friends stopping by, dropping food on the rugs and spilling drinks on the cushions. Or perhaps your overnight house guests left behind them a trail of make-up stained bathroom towels and discoloured bed sheets.

If your home is more hungover than hygge, it’s time to clear the air for 2018. Take a look at our top tips to detox your home for the year ahead.

1. It all has to go!

Before you can do anything, it’s time to clear out all of the clutter leftover from Christmas and New Year’s Eve. That’s right, the Christmas tree has to go! Go through every room in the house and remove all traces of tinsel, baubles, fairy lights, Father Christmas – and his elves too.

To keep with tradition, you have until midnight on 6th January, the twelfth night after Christmas, to take down your decorations to avoid bad luck!

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2. Dig deep and deep clean

Once the rooms have been cleared, it’s time to grab the rubber gloves and employ some good old-fashioned-elbow grease. Get every member of the family involved in tackling every nook, cranny, surface and floor.

If you’re feeling particularly motivated, why not go the whole hog and shampoo the carpets, dry clean the curtains, scour the oven and regrout any mouldy patches in the bathroom?


3. Admit defeat if necessary

With every room cleared and cleaned, it’s now time to assess the damage. Whatever cannot be saved or repaired, it may be time to replace. Items that see a lot of use are the ones most likely to need replacing – take a closer look at your kitchen towels, bathroom towels, bedding and bath mats.

Be honest with yourself, are they better off being put out of their misery? Find your nearest textile recycling bins here, give a little back, and treat yourself to some new linens.

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4. Refresh the surfaces

If the surfaces of your kitchen table, sofa, floors or beds have taken a bit of a beating during the festive celebrations, they might not now be looking their best.

But rather than replacing expensive items in your home, invest in an array of cushion covers, table cloths, throws, bedding and rugs to quickly breathe new life into your well-worn but well-loved furniture.

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5. Bring in the plant life

Finally, after sprucing and scrubbing, revitalising and replacing, introduce a clutch of oxygenating plants into your home for a breath of fresh air. Clear away the lingering festive fug and find yourself re-energised at the same time. Aloe vera plants are excellent for bathrooms, and yuccas are a great, low-maintenance plant that looks fantastic and lasts all year round.

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Good luck with detoxing your home this January – take your time, be thorough, get the whole family involved and hopefully you won’t have to do it again until next year!



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