Five Ways to Reuse Your Bed Sheets This Halloween

Five Ways to Reuse Your Bed Sheets This Halloween

Spooky season is fast approaching! If you’re looking to get creative with your costumes and decorations this Halloween, you might be surprised how versatile an old bed sheet can be. There are plenty of ways that you can repurpose your old bed sheets into something frightfully new and exciting this October.

Ghoulish ghost costumes

A Halloween costume classic that has been popular for decades, the ‘bedsheet ghost’ is a simple yet effective costume that isn’t only affordable and easy to make, but its simplicity saves you time, too! 

Simply cut your bedsheet down to size so that it can be easily draped over you with only your shoes and ankles showing, and create a rugged edge with some scissors before adding in those classic eye-holes. 

Why not add an extra flair to your ghostly ensemble by using marble print bed sheets to give the illusion of cobwebs and smoke, or even try tie-dying your old white sheets to create a funky new take on an old favourite. 

Terrifying tablecloths

If you’re hosting this year’s Halloween party, you’d be a ghoul (fool) to miss out on turning your old, white bed sheets into terrifying tablecloths to add extra character to your event! 

Encourage the whole family to take part and get messy with some red paint or food colouring and create blood splatters – the more erratic the pattern, the better! Don’t forget to include a few handprints and spooky messages. You can even use this as an opportunity to create placemarks if you line your new tablecloth up with your guest’s seats. 

What’s more, this cheap and creepy decorative idea is also the perfect solution for keeping your table clean and mess-free! Simply wipe down and wash, ready for next year! 

Party-favour pillowcases

Don’t panic – If you’re running out of spare bedsheets, those pillowcases can be put to good use, too! 

If you’re a talented sewer, try embroidering Halloween shapes and characters onto a black or dark pillowcase and tying with some cord to create the perfect party bag for your guests to take home their treats in. 

Why not use an orange pillowcase, some fuzzy felt shapes, and PVA glue and let your little ones make their own pumpkin trick-or-treat bag? This is a great idea for younger children who are too small to carve their own pumpkin but want to get in on the fun. 

Boo-tiful backdrops 

Are you wanting to capture the moment with some eerie photos? Take a plain coloured bed sheet and sketch out your Halloween backdrop with chalk before filling it in with paint or fabric pens. You could mock up a spine-chilling graveyard scene, or even a mad scientist’s laboratory if you’re feeling extra creative. Your guests will love the chance to immortalise their night in the form of a photo (if you’ll pardon the pun!).

Top tip: If you’re not a fantastic artist, don’t worry! You can still create killer backdrops with some Halloween cookie cutters and paint. Use Halloween shapes like bats and pumpkins to print paint onto your backdrop and, hey-presto – you’ve got a photoshoot backdrop that even Dracula himself would envy!

A supernatural cinema screen

If you plan on spending your Halloween watching your favourite horror flicks, create your own home cinema with a light-coloured bed sheet and a projector. 

This easy way of keeping you and your guests entertained can be used time and time again, one movie marathon after another. 

Remember to pair with some spooky snacks and drinks so that you can enjoy your thrills to the fullest! 

Once the fun is over, don’t forget to recycle your sheets accordingly or store them away for next year. If you’re in need of some new replacements, be sure to visit our website for quality bed linens at affordable prices.

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